Google launches Earthquake alert in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the few countries where Google has launched earthquake alert function which can save thousands of lives if used appropriately.

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Google has launched the Android Earthquake Alerts System in Pakistan today. Android Earthquake Alerts System is a free and useful Android tool that detects and alerts users to earthquakes throughout the world. It makes use of sensors found in Android smartphones. The technology detects seismic activity using accelerometers in active Android devices. It notifies users in two ways: through Search and directly on the Android mobile device itself.

Google Search receives near-instant information from the system. People who search for “earthquake” or “earthquake near me” will get relevant results as well as helpful resources on what to do after an earthquake. Users who do not want to get these alerts can disable them in their device settings.

Pakistan has already experienced multiple earthquakes, particularly in the country’s north and west. With the introduction of this earthquake warnings system, Android users in Pakistan may receive automatic early warning messages, allowing them to be better prepared for an emergency.

The Android Earthquake Notifications System shows two sorts of alerts on mobile devices, depending on the magnitude and intensity of the earthquake.

Be Aware notifies individuals when earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or intensity levels 3 or 4 on the MMI scale occur. The notification includes the location of the earthquake’s epicentre. The notification makes use of the phone’s current loudness, vibration, and Do Not Disturb settings.

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Take Action is a full-screen notice for earthquakes with magnitudes more than 4.5 or intensity levels of 5 or above on the MMI scale. Full-screen instructions are displayed, and the phone produces a loud sound, to help people prepare for probable heavy shaking.

The Android Earthquake Alerts System debuted in New Zealand and Greece. More nations are now offering it, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the United States of America, and Uzbekistan.

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