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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Government of Pakistan blocks user on Twitter

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A Pakistani Twitter user has been blocked on Twitter by the Government of Pakistan for allegedly pointing out a spelling mistake in one of the tweets. The Government of Pakistan misspelled Houston with Huston. The Twitter user responded the tweet with the correct spelling of Houston.

In a three-week-old tweet, Government of Pakistan misspelled Houston, a city in Texas, United States of America. A user named Bilal pointed out the mistake but instead Government of Pakistan unable to acknowledge the user for rightly guiding them blocked the user on Twitter.

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The Government of Pakistan tweeted, “Dr. Fauzia Siddqi, sister of Dr. Afia Siddiqi, called on Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad. Foreign Minister apprised her of government’s efforts regarding Afia Siddiqi’s case & issued special instructions to Pakistan’s Consulate General in Huston regarding Afia Siddiqi’s matter,” Government of Pakistan had tweeted.

Bilal said he realized after three-weeks he had been barred from viewing the tweets from the Government of Pakistan’s verified the Twitter account. The government’s tweet was no longer available on the micro-blogging site either.

Bilal in his tweet said people handling the official Twitter account of Government of Pakistan must be given lessons to bear with patience when their mistakes are pointed out. The user also shared the screenshot of his blockage on Twitter.

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He wrote, “Around 3 weeks ago I pointed out a typo in a tweet by the Govt of Pakistan official account and found out today I was blocked for it. I think I may have special foresight powers since I kept a screenshot! Someone in the information ministry needs a lesson or two intolerance.”


Perhaps the Government of Pakistan blocked the user from viewing their tweets to bar him from publicly pointing out the mistakes in the tweets which is indeed a moment of embarrassment for them.