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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Government to facilitate foreign treatment for ailing comedian Umar Sharif

After famed Pakistani comedian Umar Sharif's request for help from the government in getting medical treatment from US, SAPM Shahbaz Gill informs that measures are being to facilitate Umar Sharif in every way possible.

The government of Pakistan will facilitate the foreign travel of popular comedian Umar Sharif for treatment to the USA. A video clip of Umar Sharif has gone viral on Thursday night appealing to the government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan to facilitate his travel to the USA for treatment.

Renowned journalist Waseem Badami had visited him and played his video message in his talk show. He had also appealed to PM Imran Khan to take notice of his health. According to Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to PM, Imran Khan has taken notice of Umar Sharif’s request.

Umar Sharif in the video had said that “Doctors have told me I should go abroad for better treatment”.

“I was lucky enough to help build Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital,” he added.


“Doctors have told me I can get better treatment in the United States,” Umar said.

While addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan directly, Umar Sharif said, “Whenever you have called me for anything, I have always been there for you, which is why I believe that you will also be there for me.”

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Only the US, Germany, & Saudi Arabia can provide treatment

In the video, he did not mention his illness. Waseem Badami had said that according to doctors he needs urgent treatment in 15 to 20 days and his treatment is possible in three countries only, United States, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

“Doctors said that the delay could not be more than 2 to 3 weeks and Umar Sharif should get treatment as soon as possible,” the host added.

Shahbaz Gill informed that the government is in contact with Umar Sharif and that measures are being made to contact the German and Saudi embassies because they are nearer to Pakistan.

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“We will try with the US also, whichever country can facilitate our request,” Gill added.