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Monday, July 15, 2024

Governors vs CMs : Who is spending more on expenses?

According to an analysis, there is a stark difference between the expenditures of the Governor's Office and the CM Secretariat of different provinces.

A recent analysis of government expenditures discovered that there is a stark contrast between official expenses. According to the analysis, the expenses of the President’s Office amounted to Rs 1020 million, whereas PM secretariat expenses were around Rs 921 million.

Social media users are left befuddled at the vast difference between the figures. According to them, Pakistan’s President Alvi is spending nearly Rs 100 million more than PM Khan; however, nothing from the President’s side has justified such huge spendings so far.

On the other hand, PM Khan is getting praise for doing more for the people with comparatively lesser financial resources.

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Furthermore, the analysis also drew comparisons between the expenses of the Governor’s Office and the CM Secretariat of different provinces.

As per official reports, the expenses for Sindh’s Governor Office were Rs 42 million, however, the Sindh CM secretariat spent a whopping Rs 894 million.

The expenses for Balochistan’s Governor Office amounted to Rs 257 million, whereas the expenses for the province’s CM Secretariat were Rs 57 million.

Once again, Netizens are lauding Balochistan’s CM, Jam Kamal Khan, for not wasting financial resources. Under CM Jamal Khan, and with PTI’s help, Balochistan is going through major developments.

PM Khan recently launched the second phase of CPEC, and last year also allocated Rs. 600 billion to South Balochistan for its development projects.

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PM Khan’s austerity drive

The PTI-led regime saved 49% expenditure of the Prime Minister’s House and 29% expenditure of the PM’s Office (PMO) through austerity measures during its two-and-a-half-year rule.

The expenditure of the Prime Minister’s House was Rs590 million in 2018 but it was reduced to Rs339 million in 2019 and to Rs280 million in 2020.

The PMO expenses were Rs514 million in 2018 and reduced to Rs305 million in 2019, and Rs334 million in 2020.

The yearly expenditure of the Prime Minister’s House is as low as Rs180 million.

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