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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Govt Seeks 2.7 Crore for CM Maryam Nawaz’s Car Maintenance

Punjab government requests 2.7 crore PKR for replacing tires and maintaining Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz's armored car amid controversy.

The government of Punjab has requested a significant sum of 2.7 crore Pakistani rupees from the state Finance Department. These funds are designated for the replacement of tires and maintenance of a VVIP high-security Mercedes armored car intended for Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s use.

The Chief Minister’s Office has initiated correspondence with the Punjab Finance Department, stressing the urgent need to replace the tires of the VVIP Mercedes S-600-L and other essential maintenance tasks. According to reports, the exclusive distributor has provided an estimated quotation of Rs. 27.2 million for the required work.

Controversy Surrounds Maintenance Expenditure

Controversy has emerged regarding the allocation of funds for the repair and maintenance of the chief minister‘s official vehicle. While the government justifies these expenses as routine obligations necessary for ensuring the security and operational effectiveness of the vehicle, critics view them with skepticism, citing concerns about financial transparency and accountability.



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Punjab Minister for Information, Uzma Bukhari, has defended the repair and maintenance activities, dismissing them as routine and essential for the upkeep of official vehicles. However, critics argue that such expenditures, especially for luxury vehicles, should be subject to stringent scrutiny to uphold principles of fiscal responsibility and transparency.