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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Govt. should face dire consequences of economic instability

Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif maintains that Pakistan is gradually moving towards total economic collapse and if steps are not taken immediately to reverse the decision on inflation poor sector of the country is going to suffer hugely.

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Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) president and Opposition leader in National Assembly (NA) Shahbaz Sharif criticized the Govt. and said Khan’s government has utterly failed in running and managing government affairs and if the economic structure of the country continued to decline it is going to pose a grave to national security and welfare of the people.

In a statement issued here, Saturday Shahbaz condemned the Govt. further on 45 percent hike in gas tariff saying he rejects this increase and demands of the government to withdraw it.

The nation wants the biggest change that incumbent incompetent and inefficient clique should go home, he remarked.

He questioned prices of gas, electricity, petrol and essential commodities have been increased exorbitantly and how will people will remain alive. How the business will run.

He demanded that Govt. should allocate minimum salary be fixed Rs 30,000 owing to the structural integrity of country’s economy and immediate relief of Rs 10,000 be afforded to the salaried class forthwith keeping in view the inflation and economic situation of the country. He underlined that the incompetent clique should go home and warned against subjecting the national interest to its experiments.

The nation wants the biggest change that incumbent incompetent and inefficient clique should go home, he remarked.

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He maintained that Niazi Sahib can insult others only but the country can not run by throwing insult [at other leaders].

Still in London

Shahbaz Sharif is still in London for medical treatment and was not back even in the country when his brother, former premier Nawaz Sharif was returned to jail. Govt. officials and sitting ministers speculate that he is not coming back as he fled from the corruption charges filed against him in Pakistani courts but Sharif maintains that he is going to back in country to lead Opposition before next budget session.

Special Advisor to PM for Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan even called Shehbaz’s ongoing medical checkup a drama.