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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Govt takes strong stance against violence – Bans TLP

Shaikh Rasheed announces the government's decision to ban TLP as protests turn violent in Pakistan. The decision will be filed and sent for approval.

In a recent press conference, Sheikh Rasheed announces the decision to ban TLP from all political fronts. The decision came in light of the recent havoc caused by TLP in the form of protests across major cities in Pakistan.

Last year, the government reached an agreement with TLP that it would comply with the group’s demands to expel the French Ambassador and boycott French products. However, the demand has not been met up till now which has sparked outrage in TLP. For the last two days, TLP protests caused major blockages in cities which caused inconvenience to the local population.

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During the chaos, around 350 police were injured and 2 killed. According to reports, TLP also kidnapped police officers to coerce the government into accepting their demands. However, Sheikh Rasheed has just confirmed that the officers have been safely returned. He also congratulated the commendable efforts of the police force in dealing with the protestors and clearing the roads.



TLP adamant

In the press statement, Sheikh Rasheed stated that they had made all efforts to negotiate with the group to urge them that instead of protesting, peaceful efforts should be made to present a bill in the Assembly which protects the sanctity of Islam and ensures that the Prophet’s image is not tarnished by foreign actors.

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According to Sheikh Rasheed, the TLP ignored all such efforts and was adamant to hold demonstrations in Islamabad’s Faizabad at all costs. He once again appreciated the efforts of the rangers and forces in clearing the roads within 8-10 hours.

However, a reporter countered that Faizabad is still closed due to TLP protests to which Sheikh Rasheed replied that such claims are false as Faizabad has been sealed only due to precautionary measures and as a strategy by the government.

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Sheikh Rasheed continuously maintained that TLP has been preparing for this protest for a long time but despite their efforts, the authorities have been successful in handling the situation and the government has finally decided to ban the group.

“They were more prepared than us but today we have decided that ban on TLP and this file is going in the cabinet for approval,” said Sheikh Rasheed.

The decision has sparked a debate over social media as users claim that banning TLP will further instigate violence within the country.