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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Great news from Toyota for the SUV fans!

3 Variants of Toyota's SUV Revo are getting major facelifts and amazing upgrades. Prices have been released and the booking has started!

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Toyota’s SUV Revo is getting a facelift and is ready to hit the market. The company has confirmed that the booking of the new vehicle is open. As per reports, Toyota Indus Motors (IMC) opened the booking yesterday.

However, it may be possible that the car is launched only to the dealerships rather than the common public.

The new variants are expected to have a more tough and recreational exterior look. Furthermore, the engine has also been upgraded with a better performance alongside enhanced cabin comfort and improved interior.

The three variants that are expected to get a facelift are Revo V Automatic, Revo G Automatic, and Revo G Manual.

In Revo V Automatic following 6 changes are expected:

  1. The new vehicle is getting a Variable Flow Control Steering for smooth maneuvering and a comfortable drive experience.
  2. The vehicle is getting equipped with Limited Slip Differential, which helps maintain equal power distribution to all-wheel and prevents excessive power going to any one wheel.
  3. The company has introduced Speed Auto-Lock in the new facelift.
  4. LED Rear Lamps have been installed in the new vehicle.
  5. The Revo V automatic will now come with two 12-volt connector slots instead of one.
  6. The new variant has a new engine with an additional 27horsepower and 50NM torque.

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Revo G Automatic is coming with the following upgrades:

  1. Like the V version, it will also have a Variable Flow Control Steering
  2. It will also be equipped with Limited Slip Differential
  3. The number of halogen lamps has increased to 4 from 2.
  4. The fog lamps on the car are now LED rather than Halogen.
  5. It has the Follow Me Home Headlamps. They allow your headlights to stay on a few minutes longer after you park and shut off the engine to give you a few seconds of lighting from the headlamps to assist in walking up to a door or any other destination.
  6. Revo G Automatic now has Hi-Grade Steering Controls instead of the old Mid-Grade ones
  7. Speed Meter has also been improved to Hi-Grade from Mid-Grade
  8. The engine also saw the same improvement as the V version, meaning it too has an additional 27 hp and 50Nm of torque.

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The third one, Revo G Manual is getting the following upgrades:

  1. Like the rest of them, it is also coming with Variable Flow Control Steering
  2. It will also be equipped with Speed Auto-Lock
  3. Like the G automatic, here too the number of halogens is 4 instead of 2.
  4. This variant will now have Chrome Centre Lever, enhancing the beauty of the interior.
  5. This variant will also have a tailgate key.
  6. Here too the Fog Lamps will be LED.
  7. This variant also has Hi-Grade Steering Controls, replacing Mid-Grade ones.
  8. The Speed Meter has also been changed to Hi-Grade from Mid-Grade.
  9. This version also has an additional 27 horsepower.

The ex-showroom(Karachi) prices according to the website are as follows:

Revo V Automatic: PKR 7,048,500

Revo G Automatic: PKR 6,671,500

and Revo G Manual: PKR 6,349,500