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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Greater Power Greater Responsibility: KP Police Delve in Modern Technology

KP police is using the latest techniques to ensure efficiency. It happened with political will and de-politicization of police. Can this model be followed in Punjab?

In an interesting development, Peshawar police has decided to develop a website and put the criminal record on it. The website is likely to be launched in the next week. The provincial government is committed to reforming police in the province. Some judges of the superior judiciary have also appreciated the efforts of the KPK government in reforming the police department. Before coming into power, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced that he would reform the police through de-politicizing it.

According to details, the Capital City Police Officer Mohammad Karim Khan told media that the city’s police had developed their website and were likely to launch it by Tuesday (Oct 8).

Interesting, the CCPO told a reporter that the city police’s information technology wing had put up the website without seeking any additional funds. This shows the seriousness of the police department to make itself independent, advanced and efficient.

The PTI promised before coming into power to reform the police and make it a model institution.

Mr. Karim also said that one of the website’s main features was the Crime Eye section, which would have the data of criminals, including their pictures, the serial numbers of FIRs registered against them, sections of the law under which they were charged, and their residential addresses. People would have access be every section and would be able to learn about see the people wanted and charged in cases of extortion, terrorism, kidnapping, land grabbing, sexual assault, smuggling, mugging, robbery, car theft, and other offenses. The sharing of the pictures of criminals online would help deter crime in society, he said.

According to sources in the police, initially, the data of around 26,000 outlaws would be uploaded on the website, while more such information would be added to the database afterward. The data to be uploaded on the website had been compiled by the police investigation branch’s criminal record office, which held all information about crimes and investigations. “We have so far compiled the criminals’ data until 2016 and will gradually put such records from the past online,” he said.

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The idea is to make the system of policing more effective so that the crime rate may be reduced in the province. The PTI always takes pride in asserting that it had the war-hit police department in the province but political will and technological advancement helped them to produce model institution.

PTI Failed in Punjab?

However, the same party has failed to address the question of reforms in Punjab. In recent days, Punjab police came under criticism after several videos of torture and violence went viral. Punjab police officers were seen beating citizens up to death. A man died in a hospital in Lahore when two officers in plain clothes were kicking and punching him.

The politicization of police still continues to be the most challenging issue in the province. The PTI promised before coming into power to reform the police and make it a model institution. But after assuming the offices, the party has failed to introduce any change which might have impacted the performance of the police across the province. It has disappointed many of PTI’s supporters who were expecting to live in Naya Pakistan.