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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Gun & Country Club Islamabad shuts down protesting against MNA Danyal Aziz

ISLAMABAD – Gun & Country Club Islamabad staff went on a strike Tuesday evening against PMLN MNA, Danyal Aziz who also happens to be the Administrator of the Club. Staffers of the club allege that MNA Danyal Aziz, had abused and physically assaulted Yasir Javaid, Club Manager Administration and Finance, but police is not taking any action due to official influence of MNA Danyal Aziz.

Earlier Yasir Javaid, Manager Administration and Finance, Gun and Country Club, had filed a written complaint with the Aabpara police along with medical reports. In his statement he has alleged that on January 7, Danyal Aziz, called him to the Secretary’s office and demanded him to transfer the charge of Manager Administration to Nauman Afzal. According to Yasir Javaid’s statement when he refused citing the need of written approval from the Management Board of the Club, Danyal Aziz got infuriated and after an initial heated verbal argument physically assaulted him.

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Statement to the police reads:

“after arguing on the matter for sometime, suddenly Mr. Danyal Aziz got up from his chair and came right up at me with a clear and planned intention of physical assault at me, while I was sitting in front of him and started shouting at me that ‘who the hell are you to deny my orders? You know who I am’.

As per the statement, Yasir Javaid requested him to cool down but MNA Danyal Aziz, still in fury, ordered Yasir Javaid to get out of the room but when he was going back, Danyal Aziz physically attacked him from behind, slapping him and punching him repeatedly. Yasir’s statement adds that the Secretary of the Club, Ather Bhatti and AM Admin, Nauman Afzal (whom Danyal Aziz wanted the charge of Manager Admin to be transferred) held Yasir physically while Danyal Aziz kept hitting him with hands and legs. After this he was restrained from entering the club through a memo, issued then and there.

Yasir Javaid has also submitted a medical examination report and CT scan conducted at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital to Aabpara police along with his statement. He has also requested in writing that a FIR be registered and that given MNA Danyal Aziz’s influence he and his family are facing risks and government must provide protection to them from any further harm. It is learnt that Police had still not registered the FIR till Tuesday, apparently they first wanted to hear the version of the MNA, Danyal Aziz.

Yasir Javaid has filed his written statement with ASI, Zahoor Ahmed and has left a complaint for Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan.

Later Yasir Javeed appeared on media to explain the matter. Watch here on SAMAA TV:



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While most media could not get any reaction from MNA Danyal Aziz, or Secretary of Club, Ather Rauf, daily newspaper, Express Tribune was able to reach out to them and according to report in Tribune, Danyal said:

“that Yasir was “facing disciplinary action due to gross insubordination that is documented”. He claimed PTI elements were creating difficulties in the club with an aim to deflect his hard stance in Panama case. “Naeem Bokhari had challenged my appointment as administrator in the high court by claiming the president and prime minister had acted improperly, but the government came on record with all credentials and [Bokhari] was stumped”, he added.

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Meanwhile, GCC Secretary Ather Rauf Bhatti said Javaid was originally the finance manager and was given the additional charge of administration manager. “We now have another man available and asked Javaid to transfer the charge of administration to him but he told me that only the administrator was authorised to transfer the charge. But when Daniyal Aziz, the administrator, asked him to hand over the charge, Javaid refused and told him “do whatever you want to do”.

“I saw that Yasir was coming out of the office yelling at the administrator and using abusive language,” an incident report written by the secretary said.

Bhatti says the only thing Aziz said to Javaid was “get out of my sight”, after which Javaid went to his office. He said allegation of physical assault was absolutely false.

Striking Gun Club Staffers argue that Daniyal Aziz was appointed Administrator by President of Pakistan for two years but he got his extension later from new Ministry of CAD and has recruited people from his own private NGO into the Club, apparently Nauman Afzal is one of them and that his attempts to run club as per his own style has created tensions.

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MNA Daniyal Aziz is a prominent politician of Pakistan and an important member of Prime Minister’s media team. He first rose to prominence during Gen. Musharraf’s rule when he became the Chairman of National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB) and forcefully advocated the devolution plan. He later left PMLQ to join the ruling PMLN. In recent years he gained prominence due to his strong and robust debating style in tv programs.