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Thursday, May 23, 2024

As China celebrates Shenzhen, Pakistan’s Gwadar aims to follow suit

Gwadar is on its way to becoming the 'Silicon Valley' of Pakistan. Extensive infrastructural projects are being implemented in the port city

China has vast experience in port building and infrastructure, this experience may help Pakistan in making Gwadar the ‘silicon valley’ of Pakistan.

Gwadar port, the flagship project in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has successfully attracted a lot of attention from investors from China and other countries. It is becoming an industrial and investment hub of Pakistan, commented China Radio International (CRI) Urdu. Gwadar they said was a naturally deep water port and combined its strategic position at the head of the Gulf of Oman as well its proximity to the Persian Gulf made it significantly important.

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Gwadar coincidentally is called the city of fishermen like Shenzhen, one of China’s most successful Special Economic Zones. Large infrastructural projects are being taken in Gwadar such as Gwadar Airport, Gwadar port, as well as the Gwadar Free Zone.

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone celebrated its 40th anniversary this week. Since its development 40 years ago the living standard of people has changed dramatically. Things such as quality services in all areas including education, medical care, housing, were scarce before but are readily available now. In light of these facts, Shenzhen is today considered one of the best and most exemplary models of sustainable development in China. Infrastructure seems to be the name of the game in Gwadar right now, as more projects are being spearheaded in the region than any place else in the country.

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Pakistan itself has developed nine different special economic zones in order to create forward and backward linkages of investment, capital, and technology into the country. It also seeks to create economic ties with regional neighbors and funnel investment into the country, and in the process industrialize the country.

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