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Monday, July 15, 2024

Had world followed Islam, there’d have been no Coronaviruses

All the things that Islam prohibits spread diseases. From haraam food and drinks to haraam practices all are a curse to humanity yet they don't avoid it. Former Secretary ECP, Kunwar Dilshad believes we will have to follow Islamic practices to help best ourselves.

If prevention against infections in general and viral infections in particular has to be successfully achieved, ban on pork eating and pig farming, domestication of dogs and effective campaign against prostitution, promiscuity and homosexuality will have to be ensured. Alcohol has clear relationship with many of these practices and subsequently the death caused by these. Islam prohibits all these practices.

Apart from banning alcohol, circumcision needs to be popularized at the war footing, while in the modern world, practices are banned or promoted according to their impact on economics, in Islam, what is good for health is promoted and what is bad is either expressly forbidden or discouraged. The day the world adopts Islam’s Dynamic Paradigm of Health and makes life and healthiness of life as the chief criteria for developing legal, social and economic policies, the world will become a healthier and more peaceful place.

But this is not likely to happen because the current world first commercializes the causes of the problems and then commercializes the solutions. Sex, alcohol, dogs, pigs – all are big industries and their solutions including vaccines and management are also big industries. Why would they then take steps that jeopardize market economy?

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What’s the difference between the financial crisis of 2008 and the Corona crisis of 2020?  From a financial perspective, both are the same. They are “failure to prepare” and “failure to save” crises.

Governments from the left, the centre, and the right all have failed to prepare themselves or their citizens to handle war, famine, disease, and financial hardship. Propaganda about “big growth”, military-driven regime change, and debt worship have been the themes… instead of bomb shelters, food depots, germ warfare preparation, and saving money (both fiat and gold).

Governments have no savings, Western citizens have almost no savings, and the outlook for future savings is bleak.

In 2008, central bank money printing and government borrowing was deflationary for the mainstream economy because the money went to financial markets, banks, and governments. The banks didn’t put the money into the mainstream economy.

The stock market surged on possible but shaky vaccine news, but when the vaccine news was announced as false by the vaccine company, the stock market gave back nothing

This time is different. There is still enormous money being printed and poured into financial markets, but small business lending programs are in play, and this may be only the beginning of printed money that flows into the mainstream economy.

Dave Kelly, chief global strategist for JP Morgan Asset Management, says this about the future: “(US govt) Borrowing at this pace, particularly when other governments around the world are also running fast-rising deficits, might be expected to result in higher interest rates, even in a deep recession.”

Employees are being paid more to stay home than they received when going to work.  Businesses are getting money for customer sales that don’t exist.

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This is how significant inflation is unleashed.  It takes time.  The power of the dollar is a key factor to consider; with about 60% of all transactions in the world taking place in dollars, the central bank can print a lot of money and not create real economy inflation… as long as the money goes to government and financial markets.

That’s starting to change. The winds of real economy inflation are beginning to blow.

Since the lows of 2009, US stock market rallies have taken place on falling volume. The US stock market has become the “poster boy” for the economy.  It’s mainly because of Fed support and the rallies have been accompanied by relentless government propaganda.

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The stock market surged on possible but shaky vaccine news, but when the vaccine news was announced as false by the vaccine company, the stock market gave back nothing.  This is an ominous sign that governments and central banks are propping up the stock market… while the real economy melts into the abyss without trillions of dollars of government handouts.

Kunwar Dilshad is the former Secretary to the Election Commission of Pakistan and worked in the organization for over 30 years. He is currently the chairperson for the National Democratic Foundation. The foundation’s work is to grow and strengthen democracy in Pakistan. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.