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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Hairdressing Shears – Making Haircutting Easy For Beginners & Professionals Alike

A shear may appear like a small tool that is used for grooming and styling, but in reality, it is not. It is rather a very significant part of the barber kit or hairdressing equipment, so big that it is not possible to carry out the hairdressing activity if either one not has this tool or does not possess the right one.

Just as you need a good staff to run the salon with excellence or good makeup products to create the dazzling looks of your clients, you need the good and right type of hairdressing shear to pull off the desired hair look with perfection and ease. There are so many benefits of selecting a good quality shear that we will share in this article but before that let’s look at some of the technicalities of this amazing tool.

What is hairdressing shear?

If you a hairdresser looking for the best shears available in the market then you are already well aware of what shears are. But, if you are someone who is looking for good hairdressing tools to cut hair at home then you probably would not know much about the recent advancement in the hairdressing sector.

Just like all the other industries going through major changes and receiving ergonomics tools and products, the beauty salon industry has also faced major breakthroughs. From ergonomics and adjustable parlor chairs to highly efficient electronic appliances, the entire outlook of the sector has transformed into a highly advance system.

Similarly, if you look at how the hairdressing services have evolved over time, you would realize that it has seen the same transformation and advancement. The main workings of the tools may have remained the same but the newer tools are being built to not only provide superb results but also take care of the comfort of the users.

These tools are being manufactured with special consideration and modern methods by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and hairdressing shear is the best example of that. It is a special form of scissor that has been engineered with such designing and features that offer hairdressers and novices both a magnificent experience. It allows you to cut neatly and the cuts turn out to be masterpieces.

These shear may look like scissors but they are far more sharp and effective. Where they transform any regular cut into a very clean and perfect cut, good shears also give additional control over the handle, flexibility, and protection against any kind of pain or aches that could arise due to poor quality of the tool.

There are two kinds of shears you would typically find in the market. The standard ones and the ergonomic ones. Just like any other ergonomic product, these shears are also designed to provide task appropriateness. The very basic principle of these shears is to be user-friendly. For this, they come with adjustable and movable handles that allow your hands to move freely as you go about making different slashes.

What are the benefits of using good hairdressing shears?

If you have committed the offense of using either your kitchen scissors or fabric scissors for haircutting, then you really need to know two things: the importance of hairdressing shears and the difference between them and all the other regular scissors. But, before we move ahead and explain the benefits in detail, let’s get one thing cleared and out of the way- stop using regular scissors for haircutting!

My new precision cutting scissors have made trimming my hair at home a much easier and efficient process. We do not expect professionals to be doing such a mistake because they are aware of all the technicalities thanks to their years’ long practical experience but as an amateur, you would not be aware of it which is normal. So, to save you from facing any adverse consequences in the future, we are listing down some benefits to help you understand why these specialized shears are so important.

No Pains & Aches

The first most important thing that needs to be mentioned while talking about the pros of hair shears is that you save yourself from really worst injuries. You must be wondering what could go so wrong while you do such minimalistic task of hair cutting that you could develop injuries.

To answer that, imagine you have your thumb and ring finger inserted in the thick handles of the regular scissors. You are making repetitive movements and suddenly you twist your hand at an extreme angle. Now you may not immediately feel a sudden impact in hands, but it will start showing up gradually and result in making you extremely uncomfortable later. The worst part is not being able to do anything with your hands as the pain starts getting stronger.

This is only one example of what could happen with your hand when you are twisting your wrist, elbow, and shoulder in all the possible angles and doing it repetitively. Such injuries of your arm muscles occurring because of repetitive motions typically happen more often while using thick and bulky scissors that are not specialized hair shears.

People not belonging to the hairdressing field do not have to engage in haircutting activity more often than not, but professionals probably do it multiple times a day. For them, repetitive motion of their arms and shoulder is nothing unusual neither facing muscle strains. But, thin and sleek professional shears do a lot in minimizing and controlling their overall muscle stress that would have been worst if they were using regular scissors.

No Messy Hair Cuts

Because of the nature of their work, almost half of the hairdresser population in the field faces serious musculoskeletal issues that arise because of prolonged standing, constant arm use and performing multiple functions at a time. Having such health issues can impact their performance no matter how good they are at their work. All this accumulated stress leads to distraction for a professional working on his client.

Therefore, using a specialed shear that does a lot in curbing these hand-related musculoskeletal strain, can actually help in converging hairdresser’s attention on the task, thus leading to good hair cuts. Oftentimes, when the blades are not razor-sharp, pressure has to be applied that can interfere with the angle and measurement of the lock of hair that you so carefully gather in your hand. Thus, sharp blades of shears that slash the lock of hair in only one blow, offer neat and accurate cut.

No Hair Damage

Normally, regular scissors usually come with blunt and rugged blades. Using these scissors on your hair can lead to a damaged look as these blades fail to conquer the world of the split ends. The overlook of your haircut appears broken, damaged and dull.

Versatility Of Haircuts

The efficient professional shears with their superb designing, ergonomic make, and sharp blades make it easy for anyone to master any type of haircut. No matter how hard the haircut is or how difficult the texturizing is, these sharp blades if handled correctly can create masterpieces.

Easy & Convenient 

Many shears come with moveable handles that not only allow versatility in hand motions but it also makes the process easy for you. If you are a novice, handling multiple hair locks at a time can be a daunting task and can render your hand movement. Therefore a moveable shear makes things easier for you as it can be put into motion with a slightest of movement.

Since they are so highly efficient and made for only one purpose, haircutting, therefore they can be immediately used without any prior practice required. You do not have to get familiar with it before you decide to use it. Simply, take it out from the packing and get on the mission right away.

Highly Durable

Typically, in our house, we see regular scissors that are made of coated steel. Since these scissors are easily available at reasonable prices, therefore people prefer them to carry out regular cutting tasks at home, be it for kitchen use or fabric. But, haircutting is neither a joke nor a regular task that we perform on a daily basis. It is only a routine thing for hairdressers who do it professionally.

Therefore, for this purpose, the specialized shears come with durable material. They are made of all the high-quality metals like stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, and cobalt steel. Such a top-notch make of this hairdressing tool makes it sturdy and easily manageable as it requires no high maintenance.

Bottom line

The hairdressing industry has never been so evolved and in full swing. The constant changes that keep hitting the fashion world and become full-on trends, lead to people wanting more and more to match the pace of the styling world. Such is the case with hairdressing as well where salon are daily packed with customers to get new haircuts of all sorts.

In this happening field, it also necessary to be well equipped with tools that ensure the health and ease of the workers and consequently customer satisfaction with them. Hairdressing shear is one such product, designed to offer excellent haircuts and protection against any muscular injuries of arms. If you are looking for the best shears in the market,  go here.