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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Hajj fare to range from $810 to $1,150: PIA

PIA says the fare for Karachi and Quetta would cost up to $1,100, while Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Peshawar, would range to $1,150.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) said its Hajj flights from the Southern region, including Karachi and Quetta, would cost $810 to $1,100.

In a notification issued on Monday, the national flag carrier said, “The fare for the Northern region, which comprises Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Peshawar, would range from $860 to $1,150.”

According to ARY News, all the intending pilgrims will have to pay the fare in Pakistani rupees, equivalent to US dollars.

The PIA said the Hajj flight operations for Madina and Jeddah would begin on May 31 and continue till July 31. The post-Hajj operations will continue from July 14 to August 13.

Pilgrims traveling through the executive economy class would be allowed to carry 40-kilogram baggage and 7-kilogram hand luggage.

Meanwhile, those traveling through the economy class would be allowed to carry 35-kilogram baggage and 7-kilogram of hand luggage.

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“No discount shall be applicable on child passengers. For infants, 10% of the applicable adult Hajj fare will be charged,” read the rules.

Earlier, a media report stated that PIA would delay because of the non-issuance of the policy by the religious affairs ministry.

The hajj policy is usually announced one month before Hajj, but the delay in policy announcement raised concerns for the PIA.

As many as 31,253 citizens will perform Hajj this year under the government scheme and 1,000 people on a special quota, the government announced on May 15. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave 81,132 Hajj quotas to Pakistan.

The kingdom eased travel restrictions for pilgrims from Pakistan in February this year after a downward slide in coronavirus cases.

However, the mandatory protocol of wearing face masks and vaccination is compulsory. The kingdom has set the age limit of 65 years for performing Hajj.