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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Hamza has everything what i had prayed for: Naimal Khawar

Naimal shared, "I went to study abroad after. After a few months, he said he's sending a proposal."

Naimal Khawar heaped praise on her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi in her latest interview with Imran Ashraf. She said Hamza is exactly like she had prayed for how her husband should be.

The actress talked in detail about various aspects of her life as a mother, actor, painter, wife, and model in the candid conversation.

When asked how they both met, she said,

“We met on the shoot of my first film, Verna, and the meeting lasted two seconds. Then, he messaged me related to work. It was a painting. After that, he came to my exhibition [and the rest is history.]” She continued, “He’d asked me that he wanted me to make a painting for him. I was also talking to him related to work, where I said I’d make the painting for him. When the painting was made and done -” Imran interjected, saying, “A new painting began.”

Continuing forth, Naimal shared, “I went to study abroad after. After a few months, he said he’s sending a proposal. The proposal arrived at home. There was a small meeting with my father, man-to-man. My father said that he wanted to talk to this boy first, and I wasn’t allowed here. He said I would not be present. Because no one from my family is from the industry. And this industry boy suddenly came in, and my father, being a Pakhtun, insisted on meeting. [Hamza] met my father, received approval, and we got married.”

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Naimal opened up on how she felt after Hamza received the seal of approval from her father, saying, “I was quite happy. It felt really nice. I thought I must have done some good deed, which is why I’ve got such a pious husband.” The star also did not hold back when praising her husband. “I think I’m very lucky [when it comes to love]. I got exactly what I had asked God for,” she stated.

Furthering on, she said, “And the most important thing that I’d asked for was that whoever I get married to, he must be God-fearing, which is rare in today’s world. I truly do consider myself so fortunate that Hamza is solid when it comes to that. That attracted me to him, and that is what made me fall in love with him.” The star also opened up on the couple’s rare fights. “We’re of similar temperaments. He’s soft-spoken, as am I. Should we ever fight, we resolve it quite quickly, we’re both resolution-oriented,” she stated.

She, however, said that before choosing your life partner chose yourself. “Work on yourself, study, become something, and then choose your partner. When it comes to picking the man, he should be good-hearted – nothing else matters.”