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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Hamza Shahbaz lashes out at police officer allegedly in viral video

While admonishing the guard, Hamza Shahbaz said he is not anyone’s guard but the servant of the government of Pakistan.

In another video making rounds on social media, PMLN leader, Hamza Shahbaz, is seen misbehaving with a police official of the Punjab Assembly. Hamza Shahbaz slammed the police officer after he stopped one of the PMLN members from taking a chair allegedly inside the assembly.

Hamza Shahbaz came and verbally assaulted the guard. While admonishing the guard, Hamza Shahbaz said he is not anyone’s guard but the servant of the government of Pakistan. Hamza Shahbaz was in anger. Social media users believe he could have approached the police officer with respect and politeness.

The election of the new Chief Minister for Punjab was to be held on the same day but was delayed due to the mayhem in the Punjab Assembly. Hamza Shahbaz will also be contesting elections to become the new Chief Minister of Punjab after PTI’s Usman Buzdar resigned. PTI is supporting PMLQ’s Pervez Ilahi, who has served as the CM Punjab earlier as well. Hamza claims to have the required number of votes needed to be elected the chief minister of Punjab.

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It is the first time Hamza Shahbaz has been contesting to become the CM Punjab. Netizens believe that Hamza Shahbaz unleashed his anger on the police official. Earlier, a video of women lawmakers from both the parties, PTI and PMLN were seen thrashing and assaulting each other on Sunday in the Punjab Assembly which probably lead to the appointment of CM Punjab being delayed. Netizens believed

PML-N receives criticism

Meanwhile, Shahbaz Sharif has been receiving flak on social media for disrespecting his guard. A guard of PMLN leader, Shahbaz Sharif, was slapped for not opening the door of the car timely. The video went viral on social media in which a member of his security team slapped another person while Shahbaz Sharif sat in the car.

Sharif did not admonish his guard for slapping another guard publicly and seemed unbothered by the situation. The video has gained massive views and reactions on social media.

Netizens have called out Shahbaz Sharif for displaying arrogance and mistreating his employees. Some said that Shahbaz Sharif is responsible for violating the human right of being treated with respect and dignity. Shahbaz Sharif has not yet commented on the controversy. Twitter users say the video shows how deeply the ruling elite of PMLN believes in class difference and does not deem people below them in status and power worthy of respect.