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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Hand grenade blast in Peshawar: Policeman martyred, another injured

Earlier today, a police vehicle in Peshawar's Karkhano market was attacked with a hand grenade. According to official reports, one policeman was martyred. Police are currently investigating whether the blast was a terrorist attack or an accident.

Earlier today, a hand grenade blast killed a policeman and injured a passerby in Peshawar’s Hayatabad. The explosion occurred in Karkhano market, next to Taj market.

Unidentified suspects threw the hand grenade on the stationed police van at Karkhano Market. They added that the suspects fled the scene after throwing the grenade.

According to Peshawar CCPO Abbas Ahsan, the police mobile was on its routine patrol when the suspects targeted it. There were four police personnel seated in the mobile at the time of the attack.

After news of the attack, rescue teams and additional police personnel immediately rushed to the scene to provide assistance.

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They shifted the martyred policeman’s body to the Hayatabad Medical Complex, and also admitted the injured.

However, as per recent reports, the hospital discharged the injured citizen after giving medical attention.


As police are not sure regarding the nature of the blast, an investigation is currently underway.

“It can’t be said for certain whether it was a grenade attack or some other device was used for the explosion,” CCPO Ahsan said, adding that the explosion took place inside the vehicle.

While commenting on the saddening incident, Peshawar Senior Superintendent of Police (Operation) Yasir Afridi said the police would continue to stand resolutely no matter “how much the enemy is scheming such plans”.

“We will give as many sacrifices as needed for this city,” SSP Afridi said.

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Hand grenade blasts in Peshawar

Today’s attack on Karkhano police is not the first of its kind.

Last year, a blast near the Karkhano police check-post in Peshawar injured at least nine people. Rescue teams sent the injured persons, of whom five were women, to the Hayatabad Medical Complex.

Additional Inspector General BDS Shafqat Malik said that culprits used a hand grenade in the explosion.

Moreover, earlier this year, a hand grenade explosion in Peshawar’s Kohat Road killed two children and injured three others. According to rescue officials, the children were playing with the grenade when the explosion occurred.

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