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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Handy Hacks For Floridian Pakistanis

Although Pakistani-Americans perhaps aren’t as well-recognized a group as Irish- or Italian-Americans, their history in the US stretches back generations – they’ve actually had a presence since the 18th Century, when they worked in agriculture and mining, particularly in western states like California.

Nowadays, people of Pakistani extraction can be found across the US, and they have a small yet significant presence in Florida counties like Miami-Dade and Broward, where the climate isn’t dissimilar to some areas of Pakistan and the business community is close-knit and supportive.

While a measure of integration is a central aim for any immigrant, efforts are easier when you’re surrounded by support groups from your own community, but it’s tougher in areas where you might feel underrepresented and isolated.

So whether you’ve got Pakistani roots and are already living in Florida or are emigrating there imminently, take note of the following handy hacks for Floridian Pakistanis.

Track trailblazers

One sagacious way to make the switch to a new nation as smooth as possible is by taking on board the experiences of those who have gone before you – sometimes standing on the shoulders of giants provides a more rounded perspective.

Therefore keeping track of trailblazers like journalist Fazal Khaliq is worthwhile because it might help you avoid misconceptions. This wordsmith found Florida more welcoming and friendly than he first assumed – keeping up to date with these types of multicultural commentators can help you feel more at home in foreign climes.

Join cultural groups

You might be surprised to find that there are already preexisting groups founded by Pakistanis close to the area where you’ve  chosen to settle, and a little internet research reveals their whereabouts and meeting places.

Joining a group like the Association of Pakistani Americans of Central Florida can instantly make you feel less homesick and more connected to your new community. This type of organization simultaneously serves several positive purposes, from celebrating religious festivals with friends from your homeland to stimulating business connections, so it’s well worth becoming a dedicated contributor.

Ensure an easy exit

Since you’re leaving behind friends and family in Pakistan, you need to make sure you can get back there quickly in an emergency.

So keep enough space on your credit card or savings in your bank to buy the necessary airplane tickets, find reasonably priced flights on comparison sites like cheapflights.com and prepare a pleasant pre-flight experience by booking airport parking on Looking4.com for Orlando, Miami and every other Florida hub.

This trio of handy hacks for Floridian Pakistanis should help you feel calmer and more confident and connected as you survive and thrive in an exciting new environment – take them on board and decide which work best for your unique circumstances.

That’s the end of our lost, but please share your own tips and hints for people of Pakistani origin in Florida and elsewhere in the US – we would love to hear from you!