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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Hania Amir breaks silence on her friendship with Badshah

Pakistani actress Hania Amir break silence over her growing friendship with Indian rapper Badshah. In the latest interview, the actress talked about how the friendship begin between two celebrities from cross-border.

The friendship begin with a comment by Badshah on one of the Instagram reel of Hania Amir. She found Badshah to be down-to-earth and kind despite his status of a celebrity.

“He’s a great friend and a simple human being,” Hania said, describing Badshah. “He’s always asking about me if I don’t post Instagram reels.”

The two celebrities later met in person in Dubai and since then have maintained strong contact.

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Hania also spoke about her popularity in India, saying, “It’s not strange, I always feel that we (Indians and Pakistanis) are alike. It’s really difficult to not like each other.”

She expressed her gratitude to her Indian fans, saying, “I sometimes feel sad that I can’t meet them and thank them in person, but I meet them outside Pakistan and I share a great bond with them.”

Back in February, Pakistani actress Hania Aamir recently voiced her disapproval of the Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone starrer Fighter, expressing concern about the movie exacerbating tensions between India and Pakistan. She lamented the use of cinema to widen the rift between the two countries, emphasizing the responsibility artists hold in fostering unity rather than division. “Let art breathe”, exclaimed Hania.

Joining Hania Aamir, actors Zara Noor Abbas and Adnan Siddiqui criticized the movie, particularly addressing Hrithik Roshan’s statement on Kashmir. Abbas asserted the right of Kashmiris to an independent state and criticized India’s historical narrative on the region. The actress urged a shift towards themes promoting love and unity, suggesting that dwelling on past conflicts is counterproductive.