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Monday, July 15, 2024

Hania Amir says she left college to earn for family

Actress Hania Amir says she dropped out from college to earn money as she was sole breadwinner for the family.

She revealed the details of her personal life in a TV show recently. The host asked her that she never talks about her family. To which she said, there is a reason that why she never talks about her family life.

“Hania, you never talk about your personal life publicly. Nobody knows which school you went to, how you were as a student, or why you started acting. So, I just want you to walk us through this journey,” said the host.

“Maybe there’s a good reason I don’t talk about this,” chuckled the Mere Humsafar star. “I’m a college dropout. Even though I was great at academics, I started earning well from acting. The money was more important as I handled my household and was the breadwinner of the family,” she added.

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Hania said that she had dedicated her life to acting that is paying her well. Amir said that she is still friends with her school and college peers. They, however, do not like to be in limelight with her. ege peers don’t really bask in limelight they sometimes get because of her. “I’m still friends with everyone to date. However, they don’t prefer I put up posts with them on my social media platforms. They get very frustrated with being my friends, as they face a lot of questions about me if their friends see our pictures,” said Hania in the interview.

Hania Amir in her interview talked about her modelling and acting projects.  “How are the characters you play onscreen so different from the shoots shared on your Instagram?” he asked.

“I think modelling shoots often depend on the teams you are working with, as they usually have a character in mind that you have to adapt to,” the actor replied.