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Monday, April 15, 2024

Hania Amir’s recent Snapchat video sparks criticism

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Hania Amir’s recent Snapchat video has displeased tons of social media users. She purposely captured the uncomfortable reaction of an unknown male passenger sitting behind her on the flight to Lahore. 

Hania posted the video with the caption “This dude is struggling to get out of my photo”. She specifically recorded the ways the passenger was averting his eyes sideways to avoid being captured in her photos and videos.

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In a video, she said, “Every time I try and take my photo, he’s, like, struggling to get out of it. Wait, let’s see!. “Okay, I’m gonna wait. Come on, do it.”

She then raised her camera to bring him in the frame despite knowing he is uncomfortable and laughed off as soon as he turned his gaze again.

A user shared the video on Twitter and claimed that Hania Amir was allegedly harassing the passenger. Other people too joined him on Twitter to share his stance.

Pakistani Twitter users lambasted her for violating his personal space and making fun of him. Above all, they said filming anyone despite knowing they are uncomfortable is also a form of ‘harassment’.

One man asked that had it been a man and the passenger behind a woman, wouldn’t the reactions have been very different? People did not expect this from the young actress who recently featured in one of the biggest Pakistani films of the year, Na Maloom Afraad 2. 

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Do you think this level of criticism is justified or do you think people are being too harsh on the 19-year-old actress?