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Monday, July 15, 2024

Happy birthday Mr. President!

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A Russian-Italian brand, Caveir, known for its gold-plated iPhones with designs featuring Putin, introduced phones with new features to commemorate Putin’s 65th birthday.

The limited edition stock introduced two changes; iPhone X with a new design in which the President’s profile shine against the burgundy marble. While the second edition is introduced with President’s new projection, saying “Putin 2018”.

Vladimir Putin, Russian President and an extremely influential figure in the international politics turned 65 on 7th October 2017. However, a joyous occasion for many, thousands of anti-Putin protesters took to the streets of Moscow to record their dissent against him.

Demonstrations were organized on the call of the opposition party calling for the release of their detained opposition leader, Alexei Navalny.

President Putin refused to take any calls on his birthday and canceled his plan to attend a ceremony in Sochi, that day.

From celebrating his birthday last year with friends and family to playing hockey in 2015, this year’s birthday saw large-scale protests in Russia’s capital city.

Putin has been in the limelight since he first became Russia’s President in 2000. Being a swimmer and a martial arts expert, Putin has been in news for his bike-riding adventures.

Putin is hailed as a great leader not only in Russia but other parts of the world. He is considered as a leader who out-classed the USA in eastern-Europe and now Syria.

Despite many short-comings in his rule, Mr. Putin will be remembered as a leader who pushed the world from uni-polarity into multi-polarity and changing the global order.