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Thursday, July 4, 2024

90-year-old woman moves SC over not receiving ‘haq-mehr’

A 90-year-old woman has moved the supreme court over not being given her Haq-Mehr after 75 years of marriage, her husband has passed away

A 90 years old woman has moved the Supreme Court (SC) over not being given her “Haq- Mehr” by her husband even after 75 years of marriage. The case presided over by Justice Mushir Alam, and a 3-member bench was heard Friday.

The woman, who according to her had been married at the age of 15, after 75 years of the marriage had not received her “Haq-Mehr.”

Previous decisions, she said from different courts had been given in her favor but, she was yet to receive the land which was her Haq-Mehr.

Woman’s husband has passed away 

The woman’s husband has passed away, the counsel for the petitioner took the plea, and that a fake report in regard to the grant of the Haq-Mehr had been presented, even though multiple courts had given verdicts in her favor.

The court remarked the matter of grant of Haq-Mehr can be referred to sessions court otherwise the petition will stand dismissed.

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The court adjourned the hearing till November on the plea from the elderly woman. She said that she should be given some time to think over the matter.

Haq-Mehr not given despite the woman winning the case in various courts

Talking to media men after hearing of the case Ms. Saeeda Sultan, the petitioner, said that the case has been in different courts since 1970.


“Possession has not been given to me despite decision has been given in her favor by the courts,” she said.

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She pointed out that a fake report was presented in the court in 2010 that possession has been given to her. If I resort to sessions judge again then justice will be administered to me at the age of 200 years.

She appealed that justice is meted out to her.

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