Has Informal Media overcome Formal Media?

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Fawad Chaudhry, the Federal Minister for information, while discussing the formal and informal types of media, said that informal media is a greater problem than the formal media, and it is going to overcome the latter. Formal media has played a responsible role in many events in the past but some elements create problems in the formal media too. He made these statements while talking to prominent anchorperson of GNN Dr. Moeed Pirzada in his Primetime Show “Live With Moeed Pirzada.”

The Federal Government is going to hold a crackdown against the misusers of social media; the government also briefed the press that they have arrested many misusers of social media. Social media groups like, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are themselves trying to take measures against those who misuse their platforms. Social Media is being used by religious and political elements for “Fatwa” and propaganda purposes.

Formal media has played a responsible role in many events in the past but some elements create problems in the formal media too.

“Many fake accounts in the social media are in name of great personalities,  fake news are being spread through all such accounts in the Facebook and other social media groups; we are trying to censor extreme violent opinions,” said the Minister for Information.

While commenting on Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister’s February 13 press conference on two NROs, Fawad Chaudhry has said, “Opposition doesn’t have any rational or legal viewpoint to pressurize the government and are playing the cards of NRO’s politics to use it as a shield for a political career. It’s not the government’s stance; rather my personal stance that the opposition should use the plea-bargain option”.

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“It is a fact that government has announced Shahbaz Sharif as chairman of PAC [Public Accounts Committee].  From day one I am personally not in favor of the decision of making Shahbaz Sharif the chairman of PAC, but the functionality of parliament was also necessary which compelled the government to do so,” Information Minister said.

While responding to anchorperson, Information Minister said, “Bureaucracy in Punjab, from top to bottom, has been involved in other than original duties. “They (Bureaucracy in Punjab) did not even respond to the calls of our MNAs. Then how one can expect a positive outcome so fast?”


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