Hascol to launch drive-thru vaccination centers on M2 motorway

Pakistan's leading oil company Hascol Petroleum Limited has partnered with the National Command & Control Centre (NCOC) and the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to set up various drive-thru vaccination centers on M2 to further Pakistan's vaccination drive.

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In coordination with the National Command & Control Centre (NCOC) and the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Hascol Petroleum Limited is establishing Drive-Through Vaccination Centers at selected retail outlets on the M2 Motorway in Bhera, and at its Excellence Training Centre in Machike.

The Covid-19 menace shows no signs of abatement in the country with the Delta variant claiming more and more precious lives. Therefore the Government of Pakistan and the private sector are joining hands to meet the challenge head-on to promote vaccination amongst the entire population of Pakistan.

Despite major efforts to inoculate people all over the nation, the percentage of people that are vaccinated is still a minority, unfortunately. This is why everyone in the country must join the effort to ensure that no one is left unprotected.

In a recent meeting held at the NCOC headquarters in Islamabad, Hascol had committed to the Government to offer its key locations for the purpose of setting up drive-through vaccination centers which makes it most convenient for people to get vaccinated.

In addition, Hascol has started a promotional campaign to encourage all eligible people to get vaccinated. Mr. Aqeel Ahmad Khan, CEO of Hascol Petroleum Ltd., said “Hascol is proud to offer its services to the nation to play its due role to promote vaccination and encourages every eligible Pakistani to get vaccinated to defeat the pandemic”.

Company’s profile

Hascol Petroleum Limited was granted an oil marketing license by the Government of Pakistan in 2005, and since then, the company has been engaged in developing a retail network under the Hascol brand and has commissioned over 500 retail outlets in the four provinces of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Hascol Petroleum Limited has extensive links with domestic and international oil trading companies and today is the second-largest importer of petroleum products after PSO.

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According to the company’s website, in 2016, VITOL, the largest independent oil trading entity in the world, acquired 15% equity in Hascol which was later increased to 27.46% making VITOL the single largest shareholder in the Company.

The company has initiated many notable projects in Pakistan, such as in a joint venture company with VITOL, Hascol Terminals Limited (HTL) has constructed one of the largest Petroleum Terminals in Pakistan at Port Qasim, having a capacity of 197,000 Metric Tons. Phase I of this terminal was commissioned in March 2019.


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