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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Here Are The Heartbreaking Reasons #WhyWomenDontReport Sexual Assault

Women don’t come forward after being assaulted for these surprising and horrible reasons.

As the allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump rack up, the question of how often women face this horrible tragedy is being raised to a national level. One of the biggest questions these women accusing Trump are facing is why they chose to come out and tell their story now. The answer may seem simple: to keep Trump, an alleged rapist, from becoming president. While that may be a driving factor at the moment, the question still remains: why didn’t these women come forward earlier, when the statute of limitations was in their favor and they could still prosecute Trump properly? The answer to this is much less obvious, and highly subjective to each victim’s experience. This goes for all victims of sexual assault, many of which are coming forward on Twitter to band together and raise awareness about such a sensitive topic.

The Enliven Project is a campaign that aims to aid and lift up women who have faced this tragedy, and since their inception they have been gathering information to visually demonstrate the reality of rape and how often it gets reported. The infographic below paints a terrifying picture of how frequently justice is served when a rape occurs…

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