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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Here are the top 5 places to visit in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is the home of some very interesting places. This is a guide to spend your time in the best way possible on your trip to the city.

With the rise in overall temperatures in these peak summer months and the lockdown, people are once again heading up north for vacations. Northern areas of Pakistan are known for their clean and fresh environment, scenic views, and cool weather.

One place to stop by during your trip is the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The city is modern with clusters of buildings divided into zones, laid out as a grid with a vast network of roads connecting them all together like a spider web. In between the buildings, green vegetation is lined alongside the city, making it the greenest city in the country where the streets are as clean as day.

The upcoming months of September and October are ideal for a visit to Islamabad as the weather is very pleasant with moderate heat in the mornings and chilly cool nights. Although the city is not the cheapest when it comes to accommodation and food, you can still manage your trip within a budget of 30 – 50 USD per day.

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Places to visit in Islamabad

Faisal Mosque

Best ways spend time in Islamabad

Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque in the country that can hold 100,000 worshippers at once and 200,000 more in the courtyard area. The design of the mosque is very unique with the structure shaped like a Bedouin tent instead of the typical dome-shaped exterior that you find in most mosques around the world. Praying or even seeing people pray in the mosque is an experience in itself.

Pakistan Monument


Pakistan Monument is a national monument and heritage museum located on the western Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan. The monument was constructed to symbolize the unity of the Pakistani people. The sheer symmetry of the monument is fascinating and admirable which is why it is a place one must visit when in Islamabad.

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Lok Virsa Museum

Best ways spend time in Islamabad

Just within walking distance from Pakistan Monument is Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, a great modern museum of history, art, and culture of Pakistan and other Central Asian countries. The museum is a great place to learn more about Pakistan and its culture as it consists of both outdoor and indoor exhibitions ranging from a collection of displays showcasing the vibrant and diverse cultures of Pakistan. It also allows you to listen to recordings of traditional music and watch several locally produced cultural documentaries. So if you are looking to explore more about Pakistan then Lok Virsa Museum is the place to be.

Daman-E-Koh Viewpoint


Daman-e-Koh is a viewing point and hilltop garden in the north of Islamabad and in the middle of the Margalla Hills. Its name is a conjunction of two Persian words, which together means foothills. It is about 2400 ft from sea level and almost 500 ft from the city of Islamabad. The perfect view of the entire city can be viewed from here.

Centaurus Mall

Best ways spend time in Islamabad

Adding to the modern touch of the city is the Centaurus Mall, a state-of-the-art shopping mall that caters to all needs. From shopping to food to entertainment, Centaurus Mall is the favorite getaway place for many Islamabadis.

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