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Friday, February 3, 2023

Here’s why R1T is a perfect vehicle for the adventurers among us!!

Rivian's R1T has everything an adventurer demands of his truck, a strong vehicle with a big engine, a luxury that touches limits, a range that is unmatched, and power that is just beyond normal.

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We all know that the automobile sector is gearing fastly towards a fully electric future. So, a new vehicle has been introduced and is trending all over social media for its amazing features, as it caters to the people who love adventure.

The trend began when the CEO of an American electric vehicle manufacturing company Rivian RJ Scaringe shared a video of Rivian’s R1T adventure truck on Twitter.

The video got thousands of views, retweets, and likes, so it is only natural that we cover what Rivian’s adventure truck R1T offers.

Like many electric vehicles, the 2021 Rivian R1T is underpinned by a skateboard platform where the battery is placed under the passenger compartment to keep the center of gravity down.

Ground clearance is generous at 14.5 inches, but not too much for heavy rock climbing-type activities. The electric truck also promises a very good range between 250 to 400 miles.

So, here are some specific features.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Rivian’s vehicles feature a quad-motor system that delivers 147kW with precise torque control to each wheel, enabling active torque vectoring and maximum performance in every situation, from high-speed cornering to low-speed rock crawling.

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With 3,500 Nm of grounded torque per wheel (14,000 Nm of torque for the full vehicle), the R1T can reach 60 mph in 3 seconds and 100 mph in less than 7 seconds. This powertrain and chassis also enable the R1T’s tow rating of 11,000 pounds.

Rivian claims that on a single charge, the R1T can travel over 400 miles when equipped with the largest battery. The smaller battery options are expected to get around 230 to 300 miles in one charge.

Every version of the R1T has an all-wheel drive, with an electric motor at each wheel. This allows the R1T to do what Rivian calls a Tank Turn, which sets the electric motors to rotate the left wheels in the opposite direction of the right ones to spin the truck on its axis.

Tank-turn.gifSource: Volter Media

Exterior, Capacity, and Chasis

According to the motortrend blog, the 2021 Rivian R1T has an 11.0-cubic-foot front trunk and a 12.0-cubic-foot storage tunnel between the bed and passenger compartment.

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The truck features an amazing panoramic roof as well.

Overall, Rivian says the truck has 12 cubic feet of lockable storage. The truck’s expandable and collapsible crossbar system allows for mounting gear over the bed and cabin. In the bed are three 110-volt outlets and an air compressor.

The dimensions of the electric truck are 5474 x 2014 x 1819 mm and features 5 persons seating capacity.

It is claimed that the truck will be quickly recognized, with its iconic, signature “stadium” headlights and a daytime running light that extends the entire width of the vehicle.

The white extended headlights also feature as charging indicators, with green, blue, and white colors indicating different statuses.

The white strip on both front edges changes color to show an indicator.


Source: Volter Media

The car also features a Gear Tunnel. It is the very feature shown in Mr. Scaringe’s Twitter video. It can hold golf clubs and other things. Rivian however is marketing a separately bought camping accessory called ‘camp kitchen’, which can be easily stowed inside the tunnel.


According to motortrend, two massive displays dominate the 2021 Rivian R1T’s interior. A 15.3-inch digital gauge cluster replaces the traditional analog gauges while a large 12.3-inch touchscreen handles infotainment, climate controls, and navigation.

Rivian R1T's interior
Source: Caranddriver

and lastly, the most important one:


Rivian says that one can configure the R1T with either the Large pack or the 400+ mile Max pack. All configurations will be available for delivery starting in January 2022. Rivian is able to do this by putting a whopping 180Kw battery, Volter Media said in their video.

The video claims that it is the record-breaking amount of battery packs in a personal EV.

It must be noted that the company claims that the R1T battery management system (BMS) notes a driver’s style to maximize utility.

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So, all in all, Rivian’s R1T is an amazing adventurer truck that is to become available in 2022 for a starting price of $70,000 in the US.