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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

heroin addict became a millionaire juice tycoon

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Albert Einstein once said, “Adversity introduces a man to himself,” and in the case of Khalil Rafati, a 46-year-old self-made millionaire who started his own juice bar business, it wasn’t until he was at the lowest point of his life that he was able to finally turn it all around. Rafati recently authored a book titled I Forgot To Die, sharing his story about struggling with homelessness and heroin addiction in the Skidrow section of Los Angeles where few and far between make it out. Today he enjoys a life he would’ve never foreseen.

At 33, when he was at the peak of his addiction, he weighed 106 pounds and overdosed multiple times. From abusing drugs, to selling them, going to jail and nearly dying more than once, Khalil admitted he had nothing to live for in the early 2000s when he lost complete control of his life. In an interview with NYT he said,

“I’d finally reached the bottom of all bottoms. There was no more digging left to do; all of my shovels were broken. I was done.”

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