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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Hina Bokhari is the first female Muslim-Pakistani elected member in London

In a splendid feat for Muslims, and for women, Hina Bukhari gets elected as an official member of the London Assembly. She has received great appreciation for her achievement. The leader of Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey also congratulated her on her victory.

Hina Bokhari, daughter of a school teacher, has become the first female Muslim-Pakistani elected member at London Assembly. She is the daughter of a Pakistani school teacher.

Bokhari had contested the elections from the platform of Liberal Democrats. She joined the Liberal Democrat in 2017 after snap elections. Hina Bokhari is born and raised in London and is the mother of two children. She is the daughter of a revered teacher in London.

“Proud to (be) elected on the special night of Laylat ul Qadr as one of the first female Muslim London Assembly members alongside with @LabourMarina & @SakinaZS,” Bokhari, a Merton counselor who represents the Liberal Democrats, tweeted.

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The leader of Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey congratulated her on her victory.

“Proud to see Hina Bokhari elected as a member of the Greater London Assembly today. Hina is the first Muslim woman to be elected to GLA,” he tweeted.

Bokhari in her recent interview with a news channel said, she feels pride in being the first Muslim woman to be elected in the assembly.

“I feel a great deal of pride in the fact that I am the first-ever Muslim and a woman of Pakistani heritage to reach the London Assembly.” Adding that, she said, “My father always taught me to give back to the community. It’s not what you have and what you do today but what you leave behind for the next generation. My dream is to fulfill my father’s dreams.”

Interestingly, her father taught at the school in Tooting where Sadiq Khan also studied.

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“London Mayor’s job is very complicated but Sadiq Khan needs to do more for London. My job is to hold him accountable, to remind him about the promises he made about housing and jobs. I will question him and I hope he keeps his promises.”

Talking about her father she said, he was the first Muslim and Pakistani headteacher in Britain. She added that her election has set an example for women from other ethnic backgrounds that they too can participate in politics. She particularly urged Pakistani women to take the lead and step in politics.