Hindu Leader calls for violent cleansing of Muslims

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A viral video of a Hindu extremist leader openly inciting ethnic cleansing on TV has been making rounds on the social media. A Jharkhand-based Hindu politician has said that he wants to make India free from Islam and Muslims. This leader is the Jharkhand president of Hindu Samaj Party, while Kamlesh Tiwari is the president of this party.

A video regarding the statement of the Hindutva leader has surfaced on social media. In the video, the journalist asks the question, to what extent their party would work for the rights of the Hindus. On this, the leader of the Hindu Samaj Party said that his party has only one goal and that is to achieve “Islam free India”. The Hindu leader said that now he is working on the land of Birsa Munda, Jharkhand which is the land of the tribal brothers, the people of Sanatan Dharma(Hinduism), who are working on making it Islam free.

The Hindu leader said that he wants every Hindu to have a sword in his house. When the journalist wanted to know the reason, the alleged Hinduist leader said that if we do not keep a sword in our house today, then the Muslims can enter our homes, we can attack our daughters and sisters.

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He was further asked whether he believes if the path of democracy and the sword will intercede, in response, the leader of the Hindu Samaj Party went one step further by stating “We believe that if Hindus start supporting us, then leave the sword and start running a factory of rifles like AK-47 and INSAS.”

Earlier this month, a case under non-bailable sections has been registered against Sadhvi Saraswati, a Hindutva hardliner, for making divisive comments aimed at promoting enmity and hatred between religious communities at a gathering in Kasaragod district in the state. The case has been filed at the Badiadka police station in the district, four days after the controversial preacher made the remarks at a public gathering.

The leader of the Hindu Samaj Party said that his party has only one goal and that is to achieve “Islam free India”

An officer at the police station told Indian media that the case under sections 295(a), 153 and 506 of the IPC has been booked against the sadhvi in response to a complaint by a private individual. He said that police has begun an investigation and is looking at gathering evidence of the remarks that were made at a function called the ‘Virat Hindu Samajotsavam’ organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) at the Badiadka-Bolgatta ground. Close to 10,000 people were reported to have attended the function.

The `Sadhvi’, who is no stranger to making provocative speeches against ‘meat eaters’, has been booked for exhorting Hindus to carry swords to slay ‘love jihadis’ and those who slaughter cows. She was recently addressing a Hindu Samajotsava at Bolukatte grounds which was presided over by Badiadukka Panchayat president KN Krishna Bhat of the Congress.

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On Friday, Sadhvi Saraswati, who was the chief guest at the function, said, “Your sister ties the rakhi on your wrist. You, in return, gift her clothes, jewelry and sweets. But along with that, gift her also a sword from now on so that even when a love jihadi glances at her, she would be brave enough to behead him and offer it at the feet of Mother India.”

In the name of protecting Hinduism, Saffron terrorists have unleashed violence in several parts of India. Increasing incidents of ‘mob lynching’ and the silence of the Modi government have encouraged more hate groups and terrorists who have struck fear into the hearts of Muslims and lower-caste Indians.

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On account of the brutal killings of Muslims – from Mohammed Akhlaq (on September 28th, 2015) to Ahmed Bashir (on January 8th, 2018) – the minority community feels insecurity in every part of the country. The roots of this hate lie in the rise of extremist Hindutva thought and the machinations of the British colonial masters.

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