Hindu man killed in bull attack gets mocked by people

Recently, 30-second CCTV footage of a bull attacking an elderly man has been circulating on social media. Thinking that the man was a Muslim celebrating Eid, several people have mocked his death.

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Recently, 30-second CCTV footage of a bull attacking an elderly man has been circulating on social media with several people mocking his death.


A sarcastic caption says that a Muslim man was attacked by Hindu deity ‘Nandi’ on Bakra Eid.

According to Tribune India, the deceased has been identified as Deep Chand aged 65 of Saundhapur village. The incident was recorded by a CCTV camera installed at a nearby building. The footage went viral on social media on Monday. In the video, a man with a stick in his hand was seen walking through a street in the village.

Meanwhile, a stray bull came towards him and attacked him. He tried to scare away the animal by showing the stick but the bull hit him. As the man stood up again, the bull hit him again on his chest. People gathered there and rushed Deep Chand to a private hospital from where doctors referred him to PGIMS Rohtak.

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ETV Bharat, an Indian news outlet has also reported the tragedy of the elderly man’s death by the bull. The report said that he was admitted to Civil Hospital in Panipat and later shifted to PGI Rohtak. Deep Chand succumbed to his injuries. ETV Bharat has also shared a photo of the deceased.

Alt News, India, spoke to the Sarpanch of Sondhapur, Rajesh Kumar, who confirmed that Deep Chand originated from the Hindu community.

The video of the elderly man being brutally attacked by the bull caused a storm on social media with people giving insensitive remarks. Believed to be a Muslim, the man’s tragic death was mocked. The incident was then called out with anti-Muslim comments.


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