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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Hindu-Muslim clash in India after killing of Hindu tailor

Muslims murdered a Hindu tailor for publicly endorsing Nurpur Sharma's remarks. Angry Hindus are now out on streets for revenge in Udaipur where the incident took place.

DaipurTwo Muslim men have been detained in the western Indian city of Udaipur, in the state of Rajasthan, on suspicion of murdering a Hindu tailor for publicly endorsing a former governing party leader whose anti-Muslim remarks provoked widespread demonstrations.

A day after the two guys assassinated Kanhaiya Lal, a Hindu man, Udaipur continued to have restrictions on mobile internet services and big gatherings on Wednesday.


The two cleaver-wielding men who also recorded the attack on Tuesday attacked Lal numerous times inside his tailor shop. In the video, the pair accused Lal of blasphemy.

Later, in another video, the two guys allegedly threatened to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a similar manner and claimed responsibility for the murder.

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Lal was seen on camera laying on the ground with his throat cut in TV reports. The two accused were allegedly detained by police hours after the incident.

According to Rajasthan’s chief minister, Ashok Gehlot, “both the culprits in the killing have been detained, and we will ensure stern punishment and prompt justice.”

Gehlot urged people to maintain their composure and refrain from sharing the video since doing so would “benefit the attackers’ objective of sowing hatred in society.”

Parliamentarian Asaduddin Owaisi called the murder “awful.”

“One cannot impose law on oneself. This behaviour is abhorrent. He told Al Jazeera, “It’s inhuman.

A Muslim religious group called Jamaat-e-Islami Hind described the incident in Udaipur as “barbaric, uncivilised, and there is no basis for justification of violence in Islam.”

“We vehemently reject it. No citizen should impose law on himself. Let the law take precedence,” the group wrote on Twitter.

To quell potential religious turmoil, authorities dispatched more police to Udaipur on Tuesday.

In order to determine whether the murder had any ties to terrorist organisations, the Indian home ministry sent a team from its anti-terror agency to Rajasthan. The two individuals who were apprehended by the state police have not yet been accused of terrorism.

In 2017, a Hindu man in Rajasthan brutally murdered a Muslim labourer in retaliation for the victim’s religion and posted a video of the murder in progress.

Local media reports that 10 days prior, Lal posted on social media in support of Nupur Sharma, the BJP spokeswoman who has since been suspended after making offensive comments against the Prophet Muhammad and his wife Aisha on a TV programme in May.

Naveen Kumar Jindal, another BJP leader, backed up Sharma’s claims and made additional anti-Islamic slurs in his tweets, which caused outrage in India and many Muslim countries.

In an effort to contain the damage, the BJP suspended Sharma, dismissed Jindal, and made the unusual declaration that it “respects all religions.”

In India, the topic sparked widespread protests that occasionally went violent. At least two people were murdered by police gunfire, and the government destroyed many Muslim homes.