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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Hiring Ertugrul’s Esra Bilgic brand ambassador is a slap on our face: Zhalay Sarhadi

The actress Zhalay Sarhadi said, “We have short term gains. If you have chosen Halima and made her a brand ambassador over here, it’s a slap to our faces," as she expressed her ire on the brands picking up on the trend to hire Turkish actors.

Pakistani actress Zhalay Sarhadi expressed her serious reservations on Pakistani brands hiring Turkish actress Esra Bilgic as the brand ambassador. She condemned the Pakistani brands for picking up on the trend of signing off foreign actors for promotion.

She expressed these views in an interview. The actress said, “We have short term gains. If you have chosen Halima and made her a brand ambassador over here, it’s a slap to our faces. It’s an actual slap to our faces. Why are you borrowing a star from another country?”

The actress even lent support to actor Yasir Hussain who has been condemning the Turkish actors working in the Pakistan entertainment industry. “Why don’t you create anything over here? Why are people afraid to create in this country? So I support Yasir Hussain in the debate.”

However, the actress did not condemn Turkish actress Esra Bilgic but she disapproved of the trend of hiring foreign actors over local artists and performers.

Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, Mobilink Jazz 4G, has hired Halime Sultan from Ertugrul – Esra Bilgic – as its brand ambassador. The telecommunication brand released a promotional image of the actress on social media that has triggered massive interest from followers.

Esra Bilgic: Jazz 4G

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic is not seen clearly in the image as she is wrapped around a red piece of floating cloth. As Mobilink Jazz 4G released her picture, Esra Bilgic also posted her image on her Instagram account. “I think it’s time to tell the world. #Dunyakobatado #JazzSuper4G,” she captioned her picture.

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Mobilink Jazz 4G marks the third biggest Pakistani brand Esra Bilgic earlier hinted at – when she said she would be working with three of Pakistan’s most-loved brands in her much-hyped interview with one of the leading media outlets of Pakistan. Besides Mobilink Jazz 4G, Esra Bilgic has signed the agreement with Qmobile and cricket franchise Peshawar Zalmi.

Before Zhalay Sarhadi, Yasir Hussain condemned Esra Bilgic

Earlier, Actor Yasir Hussain in his Instagram post slammed the brand for overlooking the local talent and hiring a foreign celebrity. He named a score of Pakistani female celebrities the brand could have hired.

“Don’t you think a Pakistani brand should have a Pakistani ambassador? Not Indian or Turkish?” he said. Adding on, Yasir named local actors who he deemed worthy enough for the spot. “Is Mahira, Saba, Sonya, Minal, Aiman, Amar, Zara, Haniya, Sana, Yumna, Armeena, Sara, Hira… anyone not worthy enough to be a brand ambassador for a Pakistani brand?”

In the conclusion of his Instagram post, he urged his fan and followers to support Pakistani artists. Meanwhile, celebrity sisters, Aiman and Minal Khan also endorsed the call of Yasir Hussain. “Right,” wrote Aiman as she shared Yasir’s post. Doing the same Mina wrote,” Yes because why not Yasir.”

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Yasir Hussain is among the league of selected Pakistani artists who objected to the broadcast of the Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul on the state television, PTV. He argued that soon foreign entertainment content and celebrities will swarm the local entertainment industry of Pakistan. And this would destroy the local entertainment industry and celebrities. Yasir Hussain vehemently opposed the broadcast of Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV. He even demanded a ban on its airing on a Pakistani channel. However, Twitter users told him not to be sour grapes on the issue.