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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Historic KP Governor House opened for public

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In a bid to raise revenues from the tourist and revamp tourism in Pakistan, the government has opened doors of the KP Governor House for the public.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the opening of Governor House Nathia Gali for the public on Sunday. The decision is part of the strategy to boost tourism and the government’s revenue.

PM Khan’s Message

In a tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan asserted that the government has decided to utilize the state properties to generate revenues. Adding that, “these monuments are expensive to keep and maintain but now they will generate revenue to balance the expenses incurred on their maintainability.” Prime Minister Khan also shared the video of the luxurious Governor House on his Twitter account.

The CM House has four rooms available and the government has decided to set the room rent at Rs24,000 per room in hopes of raising Rs96,000 per night at full occupancy.

The eight-room historical building was constructed in 1923 and spans over 76 kanals. It lies 7,922 feet above the water level. The rest house will be open for public booking. The Governor House KP is among the 160 government houses open for public booking including official residences such as Chief Minister House, Governor House, K-P Assembly Speaker, and Police House.

“Around 49 guest houses will be opened for the public in the first phase,” asserted Atif Khan, KP Tourism minister.

The rent prices are steep, anyone wishing to spend the night at the historic governor house in Nathia Gali will have to pay Rs.40,000 for a room. The eight rooms will cost the public RS320,000 per night.

Similarly, the CM House has four rooms available and the government has decided to set the room rent at Rs24,000 per room in hopes of raising Rs96,000 per night at full occupancy.

The KP Assembly Speaker House in Abbottabad has eight rooms and government has set the rent at Rs16,000 per room per night in hopes of raising a total of Rs128,000.

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The KP Police House has eights rooms available and rent has been set at Rs,12000 per room per night in a bid to raise Rs96,000 at full occupancy.


Opening of Governor House in Punjab

In July, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar opened the Governor Murree House for the general public.

Addressing the ceremony, he said the facility for staying could be availed by depositing dues, adding that the inauguration of the heritage resort for the people was a wonderful occasion. Transformation of government houses into rest houses is the start of wiping out VIP culture while Prime Minister Imran Khan has set an example of austerity by staying at his home.

CM Buzdar added that the golden jubilee of this historic building was held 15 years ago and several international personalities have stayed in the majestic building. It is an honour to stay in such a magnificent building and the government does not want to limit this honour to its dignitaries only.

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Like KP, 117 rest houses and guest houses in Punjab have been opened for the public by the Punjab government. Meanwhile, the tourist spots of the far-flung areas, including that of Southern Punjab, are being developed while tourism development corporation’s resorts are being renovated in DG Khan.

The Punjab government is also considering running double-decker buses in Multan and DG Khan in a move to attract local and foreign tourists to these spots, which will bring foreign exchange and create employment opportunities.