Honda’s “your safety is our top priority”, a deception

Honda is facing backlash from the public after the new promotion to replace airbags goes online. People feel it is a misrepresentation of reality.

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Honda is facing backlash over a new promotional campaign that they are running with the tagline, “your safety is our top priority.”

This is part of their campaign to replace the old airbags in inflators of the 2006-2012 Honda Civic (Reborn), the 2008-2011 Honda CR-V, and the 2004-2012 Honda Accord.

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People feel that the aforementioned tagline is a gross misrepresentation of reality as the fifth generation Honda City, being sold as a brand-new model for the last twelve years, comes without an airbag. People also think that under the disguise of “free service”, Honda is trying to maintain their good image while recalling the cars.

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Since the arrival of new car manufacturers like MG, and good options being given by Toyota Yaris and Changan Alsvin with more features, people have become more vocal about such issues as they can see the competition doing better.

Takata is a Japanese auto parts manufacturer that supplies parts to numerous major carmakers around the world. A few years ago, Takata’s faulty airbags resulted in millions of vehicle recalls around the world.

Almost 75 million vehicles were recalled due to malfunctioning inflator units or exploding airbags, which resulted in numerous injuries and fatalities. The three vehicles mentioned in the Honda Pakistan’s promotion were a part of the global recall.

It is also worth mentioning that nearly all reported injuries (both fatal and minor) were recorded in Honda vehicles, which is something that still perplexes the analysts to this day.

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Given that fact, it is time, once again for the Honda owners in Pakistan to pay a visit to the nearest dealers and get their cars fixed on an urgent basis.