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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Hour of Reckoning for Eastern Slobodan Milosevic: Narendra Modi

Democracy cannot work if one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter or protector. Neither a Narendra Modi nor a Nasser Madani. The former had assimilated the Nazi Gestapo or Getheime Staatspoleizi, or secret state police strategies to destroy the Muslims.

Democracy cannot work if one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter or protector. Neither a Narendra Modi nor a Nasser Madani. The former had assimilated the Nazi Gestapo or Getheime Staatspoleizi, or secret state police strategies to destroy the Muslims. The latter had tried to use RSS tactics to confront the RSS when it killed old Alavikunju Maulavi of Kolam on his way to mosque in 1984 and later Maulvi Ali of Thrissur mosque in his sleep and had attempted to kill Mahdani himself and left him crippled for life. Madani wanted “to physically train and equip our men to take on the RSS the same way the Hindu organization did motivate them with religious discourse.” Madani has met his fate and paid with limb and ten years of imprisonment, Modi is on the way.

The sting operation of Tehelka will remake India into a first-rate country if people are really reawakened to the news and feel fear of what happened in the pogroms in Gujarat in 2002. Under arch-demagogue Chief Minister, Narendra Modi comes who-is-who in this modern-day revenge tragedy. Babu Bajrangi begins the rostrum: “I was the first to start the [Naroda] Patiya operation..” Bajrangi and his killers had forced Hindus to hand over their guns (23 in all) or get killed. They collected the Muslims near the ST workshop and killed them not by shooting but by hacking!

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Understanding the matter better

They were herded into a pit in the ground with one outlet. The hapless could not escape. This was the black hole of Naroda Patiya. This would go down in history as worse than the other, the black hole of Calcutta! Babubhai Patel alias Babu Bajrangi had spoken about this genocide to the Home Minister Gordhan Zadaphia who asked him to go into hiding and not speak about their telephone conversation to anyone. Babu Bajrangi confessed that he did rip open the stomach of a pregnant Muslim and killed her after spearing her fetus. As the line of command runs from the Chief Minister down to the cops and the marauders, Bajrangi says: “Nobody can do what Narendrabhai has done in Gujarat. If I didn’t have Narendrabhai’s support, we would not have been able to avenge Godhra… because the police were standing right in front of us, seeing all that was happening, but they had shut their eyes and mouths.”

He puts the police officer K.K. Mysorewala on record for having phoned him to go into hiding. This Mysorewala was that SRP officer who had told the Muslim women and children begging him to save them from the marauding mob that it was ordered from above that on that day they would not be saved. Every order came from Modi, even surrendering of Bajrangi: “Narendrabhai asked me to surrender… I said, alright saheb if you tell me to, I will give myself up… I surrendered near Gandhinagar..it was all a big drama.” Commissioner of Police PC Pande had asked his cops to disperse the bodies to other parts of Ahemdabad as so many had been killed in one place.

Bajrangi and his killers had killed 700 to 800 in that one single place! He had personally pulled Saleem’s dada from that area out of the police van. The killer cops had asked him to finish off Saleem and burn him so that there would be no proof and they would not be pulled up! He took the victim away and finished in the sight of the cops.

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Chief Minister Narendra Modi was himself on the scene at Naroda Patiya at 7.15 p.m.and applauded the murderers for their murderous deeds. One Suresh Richard, from the criminal tribe of Chharas which the RSS had roped into work with Bajrangi in slaughtering the Muslims, gave his testimony: “He(Narendra Modi) said our tribe was blessed… He said our mothers were blessed [for bearing us]…” On his arrival at his house of Richard, the sisters of Richard welcomed the CM with garlands.

As the December 2007 Gujarat elections are around the corner and these fresh disclosures are coming out, Modi got the wind of what was coming. In one rally he asked the people to burn him! Bajrangi after having burnt so many Muslims in the pit wished that he should be hanged! He was afraid of being burnt. But before that, he wants another chance. This time he wants to be allowed to go to Juhapura where Muslim refugees are sheltered. He would like to finish the job of what he could not when he and his ilks had killed 700-800! This time he would like to kill 25000 to 50000. Will India give him that last chance before he is hanged?

And if the Tehelka exposure does not dent our conscience as it happened in the case of the report prepared by the Citizens for Justice and Peace committee headed by Justice Krishna Iyer, Suresh Hospet and Anil Dharker we are doomed!

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Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has described the pogroms as the holocaust. It should go for trial in the way of the Nuremberg trial in Germany. Modi should be arrested immediately and have no bail until the trial is gone through and punishment is meted out to him and his cohorts! The collector of Godhra had described the burning of the train as an accident and had opposed the parading of the dead bodies. Modi had rejected collector Jayanti Ravi’s counsel. On the night of February 27, 2002, at his residence, he had told the police and the administrative officers that he wanted “Hindus to vent their anger” (quoted from the fourth affidavit of DGP Raman Pillai Bhaskaran Nair Sreekumar).



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