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Sunday, November 26, 2023

How can China’s unmanned drone carrier strengthen Pakistan’s defence?

On 18th May 2022, China launched the world’s first drone carrier, Zhu Hai Yun, which can operate on its own

CSSC Huangpu Wenchong has launched a research ship intended to help China’s oceanographers to expand their research through the use of unmanned and autonomous tools.

This unmanned ship can be controlled remotely and navigated freely in water, making it a powerful tool for the country to carry out its marine scientific research. Moreover, this automatic drone carrier incorporates an artificial intelligence technology significant for maintaining maritime security and monitoring the sea lanes.

Likely, this 88-meter vessel helps China to intercept, besiege, and expel invasive targets within a very short time and this would largely contribute to expanding maritime influence in the Indian Ocean Region.

The construction of the carrier ship was started last year in July by Huangpu Wenchong, a subsidiary of China’s largest shipbuilding companies the China State Shipbuilding Corporation. Similarly, the ship is expected to be delivered by the end of this year after successful sea trials.

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Additionally, the wide deck of the ship can carry many unmanned vehicles, including drones, unmanned ships, and submersibles, making it a network to observe targets in the marine capacity.

Moreover, this drone carrier is 88.5 meters long, 14 meters wide, and 6.1 meters deep, designed to carry 2,000 tonnes, with a sailing speed of up to 18 knots.

This unmanned drone carrier can strengthen Pakistan’s Defence system

This technology would prove to be beneficial for Pakistan’s marine safety and defense in the Arabian Sea as it incorporates one of the advanced radar and AI technology. In addition to defense and security, this ship is also effective for marine disaster prevention and monitoring of the marine environment.

Likewise, this unmanned carrier is also capable of providing accurate marine information. Furthermore, if Pakistan is able to get this unmanned drone carrier from china it will automatically strengthen its defense system against its neighboring countries India and Afghanistan. Similarly, this would help to cater to the threat perception from the west as well.

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Conclusively, this unmanned drone carrier with AI technology is one of the modern defense strategies helping China to accomplish its strategic goals of maritime influence as an emerging global power.