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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

How did she get in? PM Khan orders investigation into Tik Tok videos at MOFA

Tik Tok star landed in hot waters following her videos at the Ministry of Foreign Affair went viral on social media. The disillusioned PM has ordered an investigation in the case. Social media users anticipate strict action will avert such incidence in the future.

The videos of Hareem Shah, the famous Pakistani Tik Tok user in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad incited an uproar on social media. Shah was severely censured on social media for filming entertainment videos in a high-profile office.


The topic became the top trend on Pakistani Twitter as soon as the videos from the self proclaimed Tik Tok Queen surfaced.

In the videos going viral on social media, Shah can be seen walking in the committee room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Indian songs played in the background further fuelled the anger among social media users. The internet has been up in arms, inducing tensions in the upper ranks of the government leading to a probe being ordered by Prime Minister Imran Khan in the matter.

A score of social media users not only slammed Tik Tok star but also the security at the heavily guarded public building. Shah roaming freely in the MOF was dubbed as a serious breach of rules, argued the social media users.

According to the details, the probe will investigate the purpose of her visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who permitted her in the office and let her record the video.

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Hareem Shah defended her videos in her statements. She asserted that she did not realize her video would garner intense reactions from the people on social media. She added that she visited the MOFA to meet a senior officer who had left the office by the time she reached. Hence she availed the opportunity to film the videos. According to several social media reports Hareem Shah went to meet Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.


Earlier, in an interview with a local news channel, Shah revealed how she got access to such significant people of stature and power. Adding that, “I am a big Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter myself and have been affiliated with the party. This is how I got the unique opportunity to meet and make TikTok videos with PTI leaders.”

She has a massive following of over a million and had recently made headlines for her viral video with PTI leader and former Punjab information minister Fayyazul Hasan Chohan.