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Thursday, February 15, 2024

How Easy it is to Steal Bike in Karachi? All it Takes is ’13 Seconds’

A thief in Karachi came up with an innovate tool to swiftly steal the bikes, leaving Police awestruck with his skills. All it took him were 13 seconds to steal and flee with the bike.

A video circulating on social media shows it took a robber merely 13 seconds to steal the bike. It took him four seconds to break the handle lock and switch on the ignition. In the remaining seconds, the thief sat on it, started it and drive away.

Soon after the video, Shah Latif Town police caught the thief from the Quaidabad Bridge. Upon investigation, it was revealed that he was involved in other cases of bike robbery. He used a special tool to break the lock of the parked bikes. It turned out that the man they detained is the one who made this tool. The tool looks like an edged knife from the front and a handle from the back.


Police asked him to demonstrate a bike robbery in front of them. They were left startled with how swiftly he broke the lock of a motorcycle in the blink of an eye.

The street crime continues to haunt the citizens of Karachi despite Sindh Police shoring up surveillance and vigilance in the city. Sindh Police have made remarkable efforts to squash the rate of street crime in Karachi, and the city is considered safe compared to recent years when the peril of street crime had tightly engulfed the city. But a lot of more efforts are needed to further repress street crimes in Karachi.

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According to a report issued by the Citizen Police Liaison Committee around 36,320 mobile phones were stolen on the streets of Karachi during the first 10 months of 2019. Besides, cellphones, 34,000 vehicles were also stolen during street crimes, which include 21,000 motorcycles and 13,000 cars. In contrast to the CPLC report of January 2018, the street crime again took a sharp surge in January 2019.

A quarterly CPLC report issued in April showed that nearly 9664 mobile phones have been stolen in the first four months of the year. 5,813 motorbikes and 345 cars were stolen from, the CLPC report noted. It was also reported that two complaints of bank robberies and eight complaints of extortion were registered.

The recent surge in street crimes have hiked concerns among citizens as they apprehend the return of uncertainty regarding their safety on the roads of Karachi.

It is noteworthy to mention that Sindh police has introduced ‘Street Watch Force‘. Instead of relying on merely human resources to curb the crime rate, Sindh Police must consider beefing up the use of technology to assist the police force. Since human capacity can be insufficient to monitor a vast and overpopulated city like Karachi.