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Thursday, May 23, 2024

How is marketing important to business education student?

When someone decides to start a business career at any college, often faces with a studies program that centers on administration and management, however, marketing is left aside as it was not part of a business. 

To be an entrepreneur, which is the main goal for those who study something related to business, knowing how to know the public, make a strategy and create the best product or service to offer to them is really important. 

For example, if someone is really good at writing and research, he may offer an essay writing service. To do so, it is necessary to know to might be interested in hiring anyone for this task, also, know the limitations one might have according to an area or topics, and the education level, in order to adapt the language to have the better results, among other elements.

Marketing allows students of this area to complement their education and get involved in all the processes of a company functioning as a perfect machine that offers a quality service and “catch” the clients with a good marketing campaign. 

About marketing and its importance in the training of a business student

Marketing takes a greater importance every day in all professions, especially in the business area, because it allows, to whom it studies and works in the world of business, a wide range of employment opportunities in relation to their capabilities to perform and execute marketing plans for positioning of a personal brand, company or product. Meanwhile, it is estimated that a graduate of any profession related to the business area, should know how to establish their own company or brand and how to deal with all aspects of the process.

Having a clear understanding of the impact of all the marketing tools on a business or brand is fundamental, which is why topics and learning objectives are included during the study programs that clearly and precisely establish the impact of the same within the strategic decisions and the development of the organizations. It should be noted that marketing depends, at least 70%, on the success of a business strategy and its profitability, whether in the short, medium or long term.

What should every business student learn about marketing?

Although it is a broad specialty, there are basic elements that every business student must know, among which the Integrated Communications Strategy, Planning (which, although it resembles planning in the business area, marketing plans) stand out they are structured differently), the creation of products and services and the management of pricing and monetization strategies, the structures of digital business models, and their differences with the structures of traditional business models, also, they need to learn about the elements and financial instruments that influence the creation and execution of any marketing plan.

Likewise, in spite of not being fundamental or obligatory, it is advisable that students be trained according to the application of knowledge of neuroscience oriented to the different marketing actions and its implications in commercial aspects and communications, since it is a branch that is beginning to be explored and presents interesting results when applied in business.

It is important to let students know that they don’t have to be graduated to use marketing strategies in their own brands, a lot of students create a personal business to pay students loans or just earn some extra money, writing essays, tutoring some classes and even creating content for blogs and magazines as freelancers. Even if is a small business, it is necessary to know how to sell it. As an entrepreneur offering services in general, the image of the person is important and that image needs to project what people need. In the case of academic services, people look for compromise, education, specific skills and even, someone who can test their skills without any problem, for that reason, marketing tools are required, because of that person, its selling services, but at the same time, it is selling himself.  

As good marketing strategy is going to allow students to start a business, that business could be something greater and be a formal business in the future, that student can make grow once he or she is graduated, applying year by year the new knowledge that it is acquired at university programs. The most important factor to take in count is that when someone starts a new business, the costs are a reason to fail, so, if that person know how to administrate and at the same time, how to create a marketing plan and how to apply it, that business is going to save money and time, and in the future, if the CEO does not want to work with marketing, can hire someone else and have a good interview and make a great selection because it has the knowledge to know if the interviewed is prepared to executed marketing functions. 

Likewise, students can earn money by themselves, applying marketing and business strategies is going to help them to get extra experience for their resumes and extra learning. Even if the education is fundamental and gives people the keys to open a door for success, is a personal decision on how to apply the knowledge creating opportunities and extra options. 

What if a business career doesn’t offer any marketing content?

There is a lot of option to get some marketing formation while people are getting a degree program, online courses, formal short courses, and even conferences. Three years ago, Google started a brand for the formation of students of English and Spanish languages, offering business and marketing short courses with the certification of several universities and institutes. As well as universities have online free programs for students of all the world, even universities as Yale and Harvard offer payless marketing courses for students at least once a year. The internet investigations and looking to get extra credits and additional knowledge it is fundamental in the business world.