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Thursday, February 15, 2024

What is next for Pakistan after Imran Khan’s exit?

The deep-rooted animosity and never-ending intrigues of India to dismember Pakistan is not a hidden secret. After breaking it into two parts with the help of the former USSR, it is now hatching conspiracies and making plans to further fragment Pakistan. The US is a willing partner in the scheme since it's security interests are in sharp contrast with that of Pakistan.

Evil started from the time when the Satan refused to bow his head before Prophet Adam. The next evil action was when Hazrat Hawa was lured by the Satan and Adam was tempted by her in the heaven and they ate the forbidden fruit. When banished to earth, the Satan sprang into action to spread misgivings, mistrust, hate, envy, jealousy, greed, deceit and intrigue to mislead Ashraful Makhlukat. The first sin was committed by Adam’s two sons Habeel and Qabeel, who quarreled and one killed the other.

124000 prophets were sent by Allah to show the righteous path to the mankind and to keep them away from the wrong path prescribed by the Satan. Only a handful chose the path of Allah while the rest followed the customs and traditions of their elders and didn’t shun idol worship. No prophet other than Prophet Muhammad could succeed in conveying the message of Allah to every nook and corner of the world and left behind an enduring legacy.

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Near three billion Muslims love him and try to follow his teachings

Human history is riddled with wars and conflicts. Wars were waged for the sake of territory, wealth, power, women and religion. The stronger powers overwhelmed the weaker powers. There were great warriors in the Greek, Roman, Christian and Muslim histories. There were also great thinkers, philosophers, and poets. The longest wars were waged by the Christian crusaders over Jerusalem.

The European powers colonized most of Africa, Middle East and Asia for over 200 years and after their reign the USA and the Soviet Union monopolised their respective spheres of influence.

In each era, there were traitors who for their personal benefits indulged in treachery by teaming up with the adversaries. The Muslim history is full of examples of traitors. While Sirajudaulah and Tipu Sultan fought for freedom of their people, Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq sold their souls by joining hands with the British for small benefits. Soccrates from ancient Greece and the Mansoor of Muslims sacrificed their lives to uphold the truth. No comparison to Ahle bait who sacrificed their lives as well as their small children to save the institution of Khilafat.

Allah in Holy Quran warns Muslims that the Nasara and Jews are not friends, instead they are friends amongst each other. Our recent history bears testimony to this Holy warning. Killing of Qadafi, hanging of Sadaam Hussain and death of Mr. Mursi in custody are events of the same chain. The non Muslim powers waged a relentless war on terror for two decades to neocolonise the Muslim world and to discredit Islam. Destruction of seven Muslim countries and massacre of the Muslims were made easy by the cooperative puppet rulers.

Killing of Mr. Liaquat Ali, ousting of Ayub Khan, destroying General Zia’s aircraft, killing of Benazir and now repetition of 1954 Tameez-ud-Deen case are all doings of Mr. Sam as reiterated by their think tanks and politicians themselves. It is now well-known that the US had made a pledge not to let Pakistan become strong and a self-reliant nation and that it would regulate its progress to keep it within the prescribed limits.

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Starting from Moshe Dyan, all Israeli leaders viewed Pakistan as a danger to the existence of Israel

The deep-rooted animosity and never ending intrigues of india to dismember Pakistan is not a hidden secret. After breaking it into two parts with the help of former USSR, it is now hatching conspiracies and making plans to further fragment Pakistan. The US is a willing partner in the scheme since it’s security interests are in sharp contrast with that of Pakistan.

India, US and Israel keep making plans to disable our nuclear program. The trio has established their intelligence network inside Pakistan and are making good use of the fifth columnists, and the soul sellers that are in big numbers in all segments.

Media is their biggest satanic tool to subvert the minds, build perceptions of choice, inculcate hatred and to weaken the societal structure as well as the trunk of the army. For the first time the enemies have succeeded in penetrating the rank and file of the army which is worrisome.

It is quite interesting to note that Israel and India celebrated the exit of PTI regime from power but both are now trying to provoke the sentiments of Pakistani public through social media that the military establishment and the judiciary have committed a big son to unjustly remove IK and to install a corrupt and anti Pakistan govt.

The US which was instrumental in affecting a regime change is now brazenly admitting that it had genuine concerns to get rid of IK. In other words, it is reinforcing the narrative of IK and is putting the incumbent govt and the establishment in an awkward and embarrassing position and has compromised yet another institution of the NSC.

What is a matter of great concern is that Pakistani leaders after having lived under the satanic spell of the USA as cloned rulers, accepting the US dictates slavishly and in the process the people losing their sense of identity, their ideology, their honor, dignity and sovereignty, it was for the first time that Pakistan had begun to move out of the toxic grip of the USA and charter an independent course as a free country.

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As opposed to all our civil and military leaders who happily accepted the bullying tactics and the dictates of the US, Imran Khan was giving a new direction to Pakistan’s foreign policy. He advocated dignity over life of dependency and degradation.

While Pakistan was already very close to China, IK suddenly upturned Pak Russia relationship, paving the way for a new socio economic and strategic alliance particularly when seen in context with his close ties with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

This was alarming for the US and was not acceptable

Hence urgent steps were taken to change the regime within a month. The US could never have succeeded in its clandestine venture without the intimate connection with the snakes in the grass and the unfortunate neutrality of the establishment at a time when it’s assistance was needed the most.

Not only the US succeeded in toppling the IK regime which was not towing its line, but also managed to hand over power to a band of ill-reputed political leaders from 12 parties, each carrying a baggage of corruption, crimes and with a tag of security risk. All have dozens of court cases pending against them and are on bail. This tainted lot has been thrusted upon the people of Pakistan which is height of injustice. The judiciary and the military establishment stand compromised and it will take years to restore their pride and status.

In the wake of highly charged up emotions and extreme political polarization, and with compromised premier institutions, possibility of fare and free elections is not possible. Shahbaz is sitting on a ferocious tiger, and can neither continue riding for long nor can jump down.

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Elections without comprehensive reforms would be of no use

Irrespective of the rising popularity of IK, his charisma has yet to sway the rural areas where over 65% people live. He has not been able to win over the whole lot of urbanities since a sizeable minority do not subscribe to his policies. In rural Sindh, the PPP vote bank hasn’t narrowed. In Balochistan, the nationalists are under the influence of Sardars. In Punjab the PML-N is still predominant and Far Right has gathered a good number of voters. KP is the only province where the PTI has a distinct upper hand. Therefore, without Punjab under the thumb, the PTI cannot win two third majority for which it is aspiring.

While the PTI wants elections in ninety days, the SS regime will never let it it happen. The long march will be confronted with full force. Neither side will step back. The govt intends to use state power and judicial power to breakup the intended long march, while IK intends to make use of the public sentiments and the street power to force the govt to hold elections. Hence, whether you have early elections or not, given the charged up emotions, a clash is imminent. In the ongoing power tussle, the reputation of Gen Bajwa is being tarnished.

One way of averting the bloody showdown which might spin out of control is that the establishment steps in and arrange a national referendum under caretaker government to resolve the issue.


The writer is a retired Brig Gen, war veteran, defense & security analyst, international columnist, author of five books, Chairman Thinkers Forum Pakistan, Director Measac Research Centre, & Member CWC PESS & Think Tank. He can be reached at asifharoonraja@gmail.com. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.