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Friday, May 17, 2024

Looking at the terrors that continue to haunt Kashmir

It is a fact of universal truth though not universally recognized that India is fighting against terrorism in which it is also involved as on November 26, 2008, Mumbai attack. What is happening in Kashmir is unfolding the same. On Wednesday, the Jammu and Kashmir police neutralized three terrorists, one of them identified as Mehran Yaseen Shalla, a top commander of The Resistance Force (TRF).

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti raised doubts over the encounter in Srinagar’s Rambagh area circa November 2021. The director-general of police for Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, November 25, 2021, said that some people have “started looking at killers as innocents”. On Wednesday, the Jammu and Kashmir police neutralized three terrorists, one of them identified as Mehran Yaseen Shalla, a top commander of The Resistance Force (TRF).

Police said that Mehran was involved in the recent killings of two teachers and other civilians in the Valley which prompted security forces to intensify counter-terrorism operations. The other two terrorists killed in the encounter were identified as Manzoor Ahmad Mir and Arafat Ahmad Sheikh, both residents of Pulwama.

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The actual scenario

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, however, alleged that the official version was “far from the truth” and not in line with “ground realities”. Referring to the controversial Hyderpora encounter in which two civilians were killed, Mufti said that “legitimate doubts” are looming over the authenticity of the Rambagh encounter as well.

“After yesterday’s alleged encounter at Rambagh legitimate doubts is looming over its authenticity. As per reports & witnesses, it seems that the firing was one-sided. Again, the official version far from the truth is not in line with ground realities as seen in Shopian, HMT & Hyderpora,” she tweeted.

When asked about the PDP leader’s doubt over the legitimacy of the encounter, Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbagh Singh said that some people understand the ground reality but try to say something different.

“There are people who understand the reality but try to say something which is away from reality. There are people who have started looking at killers as innocent people.” Singh said.

Singh informed that all but one terrorist involved in the recent civilians is still alive as search remains on.

“After the (civilian) killings, dozens of successful operations took place, over 20 terrorists have been gunned down. All terrorists, who were involved in the recent civilian killings, have been killed in these encounters. Only one terrorist, Basit remains. Search is on,” he said.

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What is the difference between terror and anti-terror?

The latest from Mohan Bhagwat, RSS chief. is another confusion worst confounded with sophistry and being full of strange thoughts! What does he mean that Muslims had said they have taken Pakistan smiling and would take over India fighting for it? There is no movement in any place. Yes, but the plebiscite that Nehru had vouched for Jammu and Kashmir has not been fulfilled. If Nehru and Indira Gandhi had gone through it perhaps India and Pakistan would have had détente.

That the Taliban and IS-Kashmir have warned MP Gautam Gambhir not to speak for Kashmir with a video click of his house in Delhi is ominous. Maybe the vibes have reached him and startled him. So, the issues are merged so much that anxiety is leaping to a tide mark never seen before. Both terror and anti-terror synchronize in the 26/11 attack on Mumbai.

“The hurt we endured 13 years ago today, can never be undone. We should however continue to let the memory of the attacks, which were meant to break us, become the source of our strength as we honor those we lost,” Ratan Tata. “The situation as of now is that Anil Deshmuckh has already shown willingness to reopen the case of the unnatural death of Bombay High Court Judge Loya in the city that houses RSS headquarters, Nagpur. This may seal the doom of Amit Shah. And what Modi had told Rajdeep Sardesai. “Law will take its own course”. The course is still the same and open. But Modi too was accused of the assassination of Haren Pandya. And that is opening a can of worms.

There is another such precedence. The Indian team visiting Pakistan was sent to Murree so that it would allegedly facilitate the occurrence of November 25, 2008. Only one intelligence officer in the team had prior knowledge of the coinciding of attack on Mumbai and he was Rajender Kumar when Ajit Kumar Doval was chief of State Intelligence Bureau of Gujarat 2004-2005. It was he who had supplied guns to kill Ishrat Jahan and three others.

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Two were in the prisons in the Kashmir valley

It is also remarkable that Vanzara and other police officers were sent to Kashmir as a pleasure trip. The Kashmir police were disturbed that the Indian police visiting Srinagar could not identify anyone because they were not given even photos of the accused to identify them in the identity parade! Maulana Mufti Qayyum was offered to choose whether he would like to be framed in Haren Pandya murder case, Akshardham temple attack of Sabarmati express attack and arson.

This writer had won the first credit of attending Defense of India and Strategic Studied of Poona University 1997. One of the senior speakers was a former ambassador of India in China. He did not lose even a minute when he heard the breaking news of China attacking Vietnam. He took a special plane and had foreign minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee out of China and saved embarrassment. Why did India fail in its trip to Murree? And what is the explanation for Rajinder Kumar a friend of Narender Modi stationed at the Punjab election monitoring scene?

They were chums and followers of RSS. Kumar had issued the guns with which Ishrat Jahan was killed with three others and the same guns were left in the hands of the slain 4. It was what daredevils did with no fear of law. The autopsy of Ishrat Jahan was done by Tamang which would show how Doval and Kumar blundered hugely and can face retrial of the case to redeem the honor of India.

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Calling IB as Intelligence Bureau of rogues and thugs and Modi playing in their hands may not go down well with the upstarts chanting NaMo for the post of the prime minister because he is worse than Pol Pot. The chief minister of Gujarat was a pal of Rajendra Kuma of IB whose brief he accepted and ordered the police to let Hindus take revenge on Muslims in 2002 and again got Ishrat Jahan killed in a fake encounter in 2004.

Haren Pandya’s murder would now be laid at the door of the chief minister. Under the ruse of democracy and ‘India First’ rather than the avowal of secularism enshrined in the constitution, he ruled the state as the enemy of the constitution. What is the difference between him sworn to uphold the constitution of India and Lt Col Prasad Purohit sworn to uphold the same and yet secretly planning to rescind the constitution? Purohit’s secret alliance with the Israelis and Modi’s subscription to Apco makes them birds of the same feather.

I have often called Modi a real-time avenger.

He was in touch with Rajendra Kumar now a special director of IB but then joint director in 2004; during the real-time fake encounter on June 15, 2004, he had called and talked 40 times with Kumar.  “If the job of the IB is just to pass the information which they had done a month ago, why was Kumar constantly in touch with the Chief Minister’s office [on the day of the fake encounter]?

” What surely threatens to tighten the noose around Modi’s neck is: “There are witnesses to prove that he [Kumar] was with officers like DG Vanzara just a few days before the encounter.” Vanzara was the closest senior police officer of the Home Minister Modi. Remember Kumar it was who had cajoled RB Sreekumar to accept the conspiracy theory that the accidental fire in Sabarmati Express was the work of ISI of Pakistan. IB’s intrusion in the administration of Gujarat was like the tail wagging the dog.



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