How to Boost Your Confidence This Year

blankPeople believe smooth skin free from unwanted hair gives them confidence. Thus, men and women use different methods to remove unwanted hair from different parts of their bodies. 

Traditional hair removal options include shaving, plucking, hot waxing, threading, depilatory creams, laser removal, and electrolysis. Some of these methods are effective for specific body parts, although manual methods are time-consuming and risky. They can be painful, too.

Giving yourself a boost of confidence

For some people, having unwanted hair on their faces, arms, hands, and legs lowers their confidence. They feel shy, different from the rest, and unwanted. But for some people, having extra hair, when properly groomed, is an asset. For the rest, they want a more permanent solution to make them feel that they belong.

Indeed, removing unwanted hair permanently can boost your confidence, and you gain other benefits. But it is also important to prepare for the treatment, so you know what to expect financially, emotionally, and physically. According to your skin tone, hair color, and location of the unwanted hair, it can take about eight to twelve treatments, with four weeks between sessions.

Benefits of laser hair removal 

  • Eighty percent permanent hair reduction. You will be more confident when you go for a permanent hair reduction treatment because it can give you at least 80 percent permanent hair reduction after you have completed the therapy. Because your doctor reviewed your medical history, the doctor can develop a treatment plan that ensures a higher success rate. The dermatologist will later schedule sporadic treatment sessions to deal with the remaining hair.
  • Reduce ingrown hairs. The laser beam targets the hair follicles, destroying them and preventing further hair growth. With other traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving and plucking, you only remove the hair from the surface. Ingrown hairs usually form when coarse hair struggles to push through the skin’s pores, causing the hair to grow inward. Since there are no more hair follicles after laser treatment, you reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair.
  • It gives you smoother skin. Having smooth skin is a great confidence booster. Your skin will look fresh and glowing without hair marring its surface. You do not have to worry about stubborn hair returning after laser hair removal. The process also prevents skin irritation and inflammation. Your hair will not grow thicker, and the process will not damage your skin. 
  • Saves time. If you opt for laser hair removal, you do not have to shave again. The results of the treatment are long-lasting. Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles, so they cannot grow hair anymore. However, hair will grow back if the laser only damages the follicle. Laser hair removal is nearly permanent. Other factors can affect hair growth, although the hair will be lighter and shorter.

Before you go forward, ensure that you research a trustworthy clinic with professional dermatologists and aestheticians who have the certification, training, and skills to use a laser hair removal machine. With the stubborn hair gone, you will be more comfortable in your skin, giving you a positive body image and more confidence.