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Monday, April 15, 2024

How to educate kids during lockdown?

Amid COVID-19, closed educational institutes pose risk to student's education. As no knows when will this situation improve, special measures need to be taken to ensure kids' careers are secure.

As the world grapples with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, social distancing is fast becoming the new normal, as governments close down education institutes, schools, universities and entire cities. During these testing times, special measures are needed to ensure life and learning is not impacted.

In this climate, it is the responsibility of schools, governments, universities and local authorities to adopt a more holistic approach and be prepared to offer an alternate to traditional face-to-face schooling without impinging on the safety, wellbeing, health, hygiene and security of the learners.

Promoting opportunity amid adversity, the pioneering and futuristic The Millennium Education Group has set up a vision for digital inclusion and real-time education connectivity back in 2015 in collaboration with a silicon valley company. The Founder and CEO explains, that a Family is the best classroom, thus the school and education group prioritized digital inclusivity and virtual home-study teaching and learning platform through a unique and pioneering Learning Management System, Millennium Academic Technology Real-Time Information Xchange MATRIX.

As parents, pupils, exam-bodies and teachers stumble with regimented academic time tables, syllabus rush ups, shrinking revision time and rigorous exam schedules, the newly designed supported home-study regimes or online virtual study from home is becoming a new normal. ‘There are many advantages and benefits of being with the family at home, and thus it calls for rewriting a new home-school social contract; Physics is in Toys, Chemistry is in Kitchen, Biology is in Garden, Artificial Intelligence is in Computers and Arts is in coloring, says the celebrated and futuristic academic and CEO Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq’.

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Millennium Education believes in the optimal utilization of technology to follow the best global and industry practices. MATRIX is a cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure dynamic platform that allows TME schools, colleges and campuses to manage digital learning through web enablement anytime or anywhere in the world. It establishes the connectivity between campuses, teachers, learners, guardians, parents and stakeholders in the most effective and responsible manner.

A day in the life of a digital student starts with a notification instead of an alarm. As TME reaches out to learners early morning to begin the day with learning. MATRIX Learning Management System provides access to students and parents leaving no room for any lag in the process and provision of teaching and learning. Different tools are integrated with MATRIX for an enhanced environment. A virtual school is available for an uninterrupted learning.

Students have an access to their own LMS portal which details about the daily class work, homework, assessment record, syllabus, worksheets, course media along with online virtual classroom functionality. The e-system contains grade-wise and subject-wise guidelines for parents, study material, resources and printable worksheets on the shared web links. The syllabus breakdown along with the lesson planning and resources is uploaded by the subject and class teachers on daily basis. MATRIX gives the facility to engage with the teachers and submit the assignments and get real-time online feedback.

It is about time we rise above and beyond, and spread positivity besides statistically depressing news of the pandemic. Let us work for the future, identical to what we always have been executing in selfless commitment to teaching and learning, elaborates Faisal Mushtaq. Let us join hands in solidarity with the purpose of being resourceful to all around us. Let us walk the marathon for a secure and healthier tomorrow. Let us sail the high tides of the prevalent challenge to rise stronger for our families, our society, and our world.

At Millennium Education, he believes that continuity of planning through leveraging online technology assets is a critical tool for preparedness. The result will not only be a readiness for things unseen, but also a greater acceptance of online learning. TME group plans to build a technology integrated academic stability plan for the medium to long term that supports their education vision for a more resilient, technology-leveraged teaching and learning in the future.

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Virus or virtual; we are ready says the progressive minded CEO Faisal Mushtaq. He further explained, we look forward to our visible-classrooms, but until then the virtual-classrooms from home under the supervision of the family shall remain open for our teaching and learning communities nationwide.

Faisal Mushtaq is a decorated educationist, a former minister and recognized as 500 Influential Muslims of the world. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.