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Saturday, April 13, 2024

How to Fight Alcohol Addiction during the Quarantine

People are experiencing new struggles and challenges during the current coronavirus pandemic. But, the experience is more challenging for individuals that are fighting alcoholism. Addiction is associated with a deep sense of loneliness or isolation. When people seek treatment for alcoholism, they are advised to reconnect with others and avoid isolation. As such, social distancing as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus is a risky and difficult proposition for individuals that are battling substance abuse disorders.

Nevertheless, people can still fight alcohol addiction during the quarantine. Experts have provided advice on how individuals that are fighting alcohol addiction can get help or beat their substance abuse problem. This advice can especially help in the current world where people are told to wear masks, practice social distancing, and adhere to lockdown orders.

Although some states have issued executive orders requiring all restaurants, bars, and public places where people gather to close down as a way to combat the novel coronavirus, liquor stores are still operational in some places. As such, people are still frequenting these stores or ordering alcoholic drinks from their homes. That means people that are fighting alcohol addiction can still buy drinks and consume in their homes.

So, how should individuals fight alcohol addiction during self-isolation? Here are advice and tips from addiction experts.

Get Virtual Assistance

Individuals that complete addiction treatment during COVID-19 might not know how to start a drug-free life out there. Life can be more challenging when they encounter triggers that prompted them to start drinking and eventually end up in alcoholism. And, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, alcohol support meetings have been canceled to enhance social distancing.

However, the recovery community is still meeting on digital platforms. Currently, most Alcoholics Anonymous offices are providing valuable information on their sites. This includes guidelines for turning in-person meetings into digital sessions.

For instance, the General Service of Alcoholics Anonymous US/Canada issued a press release stating that online meetings of some groups would be held via Google Hangouts, Conference Call, and Zoom. What’s more, AA has a list of contacts to stay in touch via email, phone, and social media.

Virtual meetings can help just the way in-person gatherings do. Most recovering addicts have said that they feel like they have attended in-person meetings after participating in virtual sessions. Essentially, virtual meetings give members a chance to connect with a purpose and help others feel calm and stay sober. This provides a chance to escape the quarantine reality even if it’s for an hour.

More Tips for Fighting Alcohol Addiction during the Quarantine

Virtual Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can help individuals that complete substance abuse treatment during COVID-19. However, these meetings last for just an hour in most cases. That means people that are fighting alcohol addiction have a lot of time to stay free with their thoughts. Some individuals don’t know how to spend this time or stay occupied to avoid the possibility of relapsing.

Experts suggest waking up and sticking to a more productive schedule or routine. This is a great way to avoid the desire to drink alcohol. People that are fighting alcohol addiction during the quarantine should avoid watching the news too much. Instead, they should read recovery books when they feel lonely.

What’s more, recovering alcoholics should spend time outdoors where possible. Alternatively, they can find ways of moving their bodies at home every day. Moving body muscles can change thoughts. And, this can be quite helpful for recovering addicts.

Another way to spend free time during the quarantine is by reconnecting with loved ones. these may include friends that a person has not talked to for a while. Catching up via phone or checking on a long-time friend can make a person that is fighting alcoholism feel remarkable.

Individuals that have just completed treatment for addiction in times of coronavirus can ask therapists to hold sessions via video chat or phone. Some treatment facilities are offering these sessions already. What’s more, some centers are providing resources like meditation apps that can be downloaded to phones. These can keep individuals occupied as they spend time focusing on meditation instead of the world around them and the news.

Another tip for fighting alcohol addiction during the quarantine is finding opportunities to help. Assisting others in any way can keep you occupied. It can also make you feel desired or wanted. Helping others can bring a sense of purpose and meaning to life. Therefore, get creative and find ways to help others and distract yourself from the thoughts to drink or cravings.

If you live with an older person that is struggling with alcoholism, provide extra attention. That’s because research has shown that excessive consumption of alcohol has increased among people aged 50 years and above. And, these individuals are at a higher risk of developing complications if they get coronavirus. As such, social isolation is particularly important for these individuals.

The Future

Naturally, humans are social, empathetic creatures. That’s why everybody craves for belonging and love. People want to help their loved ones when they need them. But, people are being told to self-isolate or practice social distancing to curb the spread of coronavirus. People that complete drug addiction treatment during COVID-19 are particularly having a hard time. That’s because they are required to spend more time alone and this can bring back the feelings that led them to excessive drinking and subsequent addiction.

Nevertheless, experts have provided tips and advice on how to fight alcohol addiction during the quarantine. What’s more, the coronavirus crisis has provided many opportunities for helping each other. And, recovering alcoholics can use the available resources and virtual support to get through this period.

The Bottom Line

For a person that has enjoyed the feeling of being drunk, the temptation to drink is fairly reasonable when asked to isolate during the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Feelings of being lonely and isolated, as well as, stress can also trigger the desire to drink for a person that has just completed treatment of addiction in times of COVID-19. Nevertheless, following these tips and advice from addiction experts can help individuals fight alcohol addiction during the quarantine.