How to Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

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Caption: Video calling is a great way to stay in touch

It’s often said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when it comes to your best friend being a million miles away, it can feel like torture. One minute your buddy is there all of the time, for you to talk to, rely on, and just be yourself with. And the next minute, they are out of reach and life is suddenly super tricky to navigate without them. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can keep that special connection with your friend, despite geographical differences.   

Make a video

Looking back on old photos is a great way to remember the best bits of a friendship, so why not turn those lovely memories into a video? Compile all of your favourite pictures and edit them into a video using your favourite songs as a soundtrack. Because we all know that music is a huge trigger for beautiful memories! When you both watch the video, you’ll get all of the excitement of being near each other again. 

Use snail mail

Never underestimate the power of snail mail! There’s nothing quite like the excitement of receiving mail or packages, especially when you know that they have come from your best friend. Sending thoughtful letters or parcels to let each other know how much you care is a great way to keep your friendship strong, so think outside the box and put together a package or beautifully written letter to send to your friend. 

Caption: Use snail mail to show your friend that you care

Play online games

Playing games together is a great way to stay connected despite there being a distance between you. Whether you want to team up to take down a horde of zombies, battle it out over virtual scrabble, or up the stakes with online poker matches, there is an app out there that can help you and your friend to laugh and play together.

Work on a project together

If you and your friend have similar interests or skills that complement each other, working on a project will mean you always have something to keep you talking. Whether you want to start a new business, develop a hobby or start an art project, there are lots of ways for friends to work together even though they are far apart. 

Arrange a holiday

If the thought of being apart is simply too much to bear, plan ahead and book a vacation together. You could visit your friend, or your friend could visit you – or you could meet halfway or somewhere completely different! The world is your oyster. Get your calendars out and pick a time when you can both enjoy each other’s company. Then you can simply count down the days until you see your friend again. 

Start video-calling

Phone calls are always appreciated, but video calls take the whole experience up a few levels. There are plenty of video calling apps that allow you to see your best friend while catching up on everything that’s been happening in your lives since you last saw each other. So, whether you have a tablet, a mobile or a laptop, making a video call is a super accessible and free way to make sure you get enough quality time together.

So, even though your friend might be far away, you don’t have to suffer without them. There are plenty of ways for you to stay connected, and some of them will make it feel as though your friend has never even left.


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