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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

How to Raise a Fairy

Verdah Imran |

After another weekend full of hyper activity, that comes in a family with three young kids, my husband and I finally sat down wearily on the couch with our legs up. He rather curiously asked me “What do you think our kids want to be when they grow up? “ My mind swarmed with the endless possibilities before them; my eldest six year old son has a new aim in life often seven times a day from being a fireman to being an astronaut. The one younger to him, who is already so headstrong and stubborn, that I doubt he’d be looking to his parents for career advice! But for my little fairy, my two year old daughter, I knew from the moment I first saw her and held her in my arms that I wanted her to be Everything!


This expression of ‘Everything’ drew a chuckle from my husband! Let me clarify – I want my little girl not to HAVE everything in life – rather I want her to be that EVERYTHING she may want to be. I want her to be strong and smart while still being charming and delicate. I want to give her the confidence

So how will I make my fairy part of the Winx Club. The empowerment will come from making books her flying friends. Education empowers fairies so that they get limitless and boundlessz opportunities t
o see the world and appreciate its wonders. We need to give our daughters the confidence and belief that there is nothing in the world they can’t achieve – when they set their minds on achieving it – the road to success may belittered with failures but success comes with perseverance. Success is epitomized in different forms – whether they want to be professionals or wonderful home makers. We imagesneed to instill in them the roots of understanding, compassion and care but most of all we have to let them fly. Fly free and fly high. Let our fairies touch all the heights and never ever cut their wings for fairies without wings lose all the magic!!