How to read deleted Whatsapp messages

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The new Whatsapp feature allows users to delete sent messages within seven minutes. The “Delete for Everyone” feature will delete sent messages so that they cannot be read by anyone.

However, a workaround has been discovered which will allow users to read the first 100 characters of the deleted messages. 

This workaround works for Android v.7. It is not clear if it will work for higher versions. 

The basic concept of this nifty hack is to access the notifications register in the Android settings. 

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Heres how:

Step 1: Install an app called Notification History. This will allow you to access the notification register.

Step 2: Access the WhatsApp option in the register. This will show all of the notifications you have received on WhatsApp and will allow you to view the deleted message 

Whatsapp messages


The Catch:

This trick will only work if you interacted with the notification banner such as dismissing it. 

If you have restarted your phone, the log will be wiped. The register only stores the notification data for only a few hours. 


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