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Thursday, May 23, 2024

How to Structure an Essay: A Guide for Beginners

You must have come across essay writing in middle school, high school or college. Essay tasks are not the same. They serve different purposes. The only thing that is the same is the essay structure. They use the same format even though the topic is different. Some people may find essay writing to be easy while others find it to be very hard. If you fall into the category of those you who find it to be a hard task, then I have good news for you. You can ask for help from the trusted essay writing service in Canada. Also, below are some tips that you can use to write your paper. 

Choose your topic

In most cases, tutors will provide the topic they want you to write about. But in some cases, you have to choose the topic on your own. This is the first step in learning how to start an essay. There are various essay topics you may choose from your brainstorming session. After selecting a particular one, take your time and think about what the task requires of you. Try and figure out whether you should give a precise analysis of the subject or it should be a general summary. From there you will know how to proceed.


Prepare an outline or map of your ideas.

An outline is crucial in writing your paper. You cannot draft your essay if you do not have an outline that contains the ideas to base your argument upon. Organize your thoughts and ideas and write them on paper. You do not have to follow a formal format on this paper. This is because it is a rough draft and the format may change before you start writing the essay.

Answer the questions

After you have come up with the ideas you want to present in the essay, you can now answer the question by writing a thesis. This thesis will tell the reader what you are planning to write about and what points they expect to see from you. You should then refer to your map of ideas and decide what point to make in the essay. Ensure that the ideas you write about are relevant to the topic.  

Work on the body

All the preparations you have making from the start lead to this. The body consists of three points: the main point, the sub-point, and the elaboration. Body writing requires you to try to explain, describe or argue the topic. All the ideas you have on your rough draft now will form part of the body paragraph structure of your paper. Each idea will form a paragraph. The main point you have on your rough draft should be the first to appear as you write the body. The main ideas should not deviate from the topic of the essay. This is the most ideal way to learn how to write a body paragraph(s). They should be relevant to what you are writing about.

Also, work on the subparagraphs

The subparagraphs should contain evidence supporting the argument in the main paragraph. You can also do your elaboration in this paragraph. This means you can further explain the evidence you have given to support the main argument. Elaborations help the reader to understand the topic better.

Write the introduction

At this point, your essay has one part. It lacks the introduction and the conclusion. After writing the body, you now have to work on the introduction. When writing an introduction paragraph, ensure you capture the reader’s attention and inform them what the essay is about. This paragraph is interesting and exciting to read. The most efficient means in learning how to write an introduction paragraph is starting with a strong hook that captures the attention of the audience. 


Work on the conclusion

The conclusion is where you summarize what the article is about. You can use the conclusion to provide a final outlook on your paper. Do not write any point that is not in the body of the essay. To conclude, all you need is three or four strong sentences that do not need to follow any pattern. If you are struggling with writing a conclusion you can always ask help from a reliable writing service and buy research paper.

Review and edit to check grammar and spelling

After you finish writing your essay, take your time and read through it again. Go through the paper a couple of times and edit any part that you feel is not correct. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. There is software that you can help you to do this work. You can use Grammarly or Hemingway app to proofread your paper.


In conclusion, writing an essay can be a daunting task for many students. A lot of work goes into the whole process of coming up with a good essay. Not only do you have to come up with a good essay writing topic but also have a good paper structure Nonetheless, the tips above will guide you into writing a top-quality essay. Use the tips well and you will find your essay writing skills improving. If you are one of the students that become apprehensive towards essays, feel free to ask for help. Contact one of the platforms as college paper for sale and they will help you to write one.